Arma Reforger - Bohemia Interactive's pre-Arma 4 MP game

Continuing the discussion from The Arma 3 hype thread.

Playing tutorial. Movement is more fluid, especially jump and climb, and you can change movement speed from wall to run with mouse wheel.

I’m interested in the performance, given the novelty is the new engine. That said, the graphics seems similar to Arma 3, except better lightning in interiors.

Time to be a $30 beta tester

I thought performance in ArmA3 was beyond abysmal. I couldn’t do battles with even half the troops I could in Arma2 which was very frustrating as I loved designing scenarios with a crush of infantry, tanks, artillery, and air power hitting a heavily defended site.

I saw a bit of someone’s stream on Twitch. He had in his signature thingie this

and at [email protected] details (2,5km view distance, no FSAA, all default, he started without going to options at first), you could see this cpu/gpu usage and framerate:

Later he changed the preset to Ultra, but (in his ignorance I guess) also activated the AMD Fidelity FX, so he was rendering the game in sub-1080p resolution and upscaling it to 1080p. He got better gpu usage (around 93-95%) and only around 5 less fps.

I grabbed it because I’m dumb and curious.

The tutorial glitched out on me. Never change Arma!

Behold my neck-hole!

Leak for Arma reforger

It’s a small, mp-centric game for pc and consoles on Cold War setting that will server as a proof of concept for Arma 4, so people and devs and see how the new engine will work, modders will start their work, console players will be introduced to their gameplay, etc.

Actually, this leaked one year ago or so, if you google the name you will find results.

Hunh. Not a a full Arma 4 experience. A remake of the Cold War game(s?) in the new engine.

Introduce Arma to a new (console-oriented) audience.

Hoo boy.

I wish, but while they are reusing the setting and some names (Everon, General Guba, etc), it seems a small mp-focused thing, not a full game like Operation Flashpoint Cold War game, with its huge single player campaign.

Ah! And possibly online-only required.

Set in an alternate 1989, players will develop a persistent military career and
join either US or Soviet forces in a fierce battle for the strategic island of

Bolding mine.

Hahahahahahahhaha okay.

Not the first time they tried, the first game had a xbox port.

That’s going to be a pass for me.

I’m curious about the single-player experience. If there is one.

It says single player on the Steam page but I don’t believe there is a campaign. I’m guessing you can play scenarios people create with the Gamemaster tool.

I really enjoyed the dynamic, random scenarios people made for Arma 3, so I’d love more of that.

Ooh, now players can download the mods directly when joining a server without restarting the game is nice.

One multiplayer mode looks like Warlords with logistics added. That’s interesting.