Arma Reforger - Bohemia Interactive's pre-Arma 4 MP game

More positive impressions. He comments differences, show performance with comparisons, etc. Good stuff.

Still, I will wait for Arma 4.

edit: a pair more

Bohemia Interactive’s Vigor is damn good on consoles fellas. There’s a good chance this game can be as well. It sure as heck won’t have the hackers on the consoles, which is a major selling point for playing Vigor.

I like how Dslyecxi starts out with a section titled “Reforger’s Limitations.” Haha!

Cool, I was waiting Dslyecxi’s video. Years ago I watched his video from time to time.

The game has already good weapon animations and detailed vehicle animations (getting in/out, switching places), pieces of the vehicle that move. It makes me think than yeah, Arma 4 is going to reuse all these art assets, they aren’t going to waste them in a testbed that is going to be abandoned in a year, so it’s confirmation for Arma going back to Cold War again. A dream come true after two decades, for me.

But jeez, 30€. It should have been half the price, or at least announce they will give you a discount for future Arma 4. It seems their plan is to squeeze their hardcore fans all they can.

From that video:

“It will be fixed in the future.”

Will it though?

Yeah I don’t know what his exact business relationship is with them these days, but he probably pulled a few punches. Or maybe he’s guilty of the hype and promise like anyone else.

Yeah, there is a part in the video where it seems he has involved with Bohemia in some capacity for years, so he won’t be the most objective source. Thinking that the new game won’t have bugs, even with a new engine, is silly.
That said, it’s true there are many more improvements that I had appreciated at first in the youtube reveal, that these longer videos has shown me.

More gaping neck-hole shenanigans.

That’s not a neck hole, it’s a human mortar! Or maybe both?

I dimly recall being excited to play Operation Flashpoint, which I believe is the ultimate ancestor of all these Arma games? It had a cool combo of realism, scale, and intensity that was unusual at the time, maybe unique, and despite all the technical issues the game had it was pretty wild. Haven’t looked at any of them since though.

For those getting this on console, it seems like it would be a nightmare trying to design a scenario with a gamepad?

I don’t think the actual mod tools are available for console. The “Game Master” feature works, but it’s the live in-game mode that allows a GM to add objects, enemies, goals, etc. on-the-fly during a match. I just tried it with the controller and it actually works pretty well. Obviously, the keyboard and mouse is a lot quicker and more accurate.

The actual editing suite works more like Unreal Engine or Unity in Steam under the Tools section. It absolutely requires keyboard and mouse.

Played around with this a bit. The QoL updates are very nice, like context menus for everything. Graphics are a lot better and improve gameplay - the longer draw distance and true picture in picture scopes.

Very barebones otherwise, but there are lots of mods going up already to flesh it out.

What about performance?

It’s better, across the board. However, the engine currently isn’t doing as much (or, more famously, is trying to as much) as ArmA 3.

We’ll see how it bogs down once there’s proper A.I. and more stuff.

When will they enable the ability for creators to ask for money in their in-game workshop?

Performance in Arma 3 was abysmal for large scale conflicts. My only concern with this new game is if they can make that better.

Arma 3 is 2011 single-threaded tech. If BI can at least push some of the object handling to other cores in Arma 4 I don’t see how there could not be an improvement.

Reforger is already more performant than Arma 3. The missing factor is the AI, as right now is much less complex in Reforger.