Armada Online

System spec? This will help us track down the issue.


geforce 6800 GT
84.24 drivers

I forwarded the post to the programmer, but he will probably have more questions.

Post the issue to the support page, and the programmer will step through it with you and ask more questions about cpu and other components to track down the problem. This is very useful for getting the game running on different machines.



Having had the chance to play a few rounds of the pvp mission late last night and over lunch, I’m looking forward to see where the game goes from here; the main game as described in particular.

Random impressions in no particular order:

The upgrade paths seem a bit overly convoluted. Go here, now run over there, buy that other thing, run back this other way. It’s the sort of thing you need to print out a chart for repeated reference to. (And by you I of course mean me.) That said, I do like what I’ve seen of them so far–after a bit of capital gain, it lets low-level folks not feel things are hopeless, or that they’re not contributing, even when there’s high-levels flying about.

The mission itself can be something of a slog if there’s only a few players. I’d like to see the player get some sort of advancement from it even if they can’t commit to an entire round (though I suppose the currently unused credits may address that). Sure that could be abused, but as it is I’ve already seen quite a bit of people going, hey, we’re outnumbered, let’s quick switch to the other side. PVP missions built around being faster could probably help that, too.

I keep wanting to zoom in/out, or pan the view to some degree–either would do. There’s been times where I’ve been guarding a mineral node and couldn’t easily tell when our pokey constructor had finally placed an outpost because it was off the edge of the screen.

Mighty stable for an alpha, I’ve had no problems at all with it.

The goal of NZ was to let high and low level people play pvp if they feel like it and still get a good game. About the powers, I will put a guide in the game later on.

For now, Cidewalk made this:

It is balanced for 8 v 8. Full games take about 30 minutes.
NZ is a special mission where you get paid on win/loss. This is to give people a strong incentive to stay so that everyone is more likely to get a good game. Even the losing side will stay to get their 1k exp.

We decided to lock zoom. It lets us make the art for one size and helped a lot with background. I miss being able to zoom, though.

Arg. We need bugs.


Try downloading the latest drivers and newest version of direct x. That fixes it for a lot of people.

If that doesn’t work, then we need more system info to track it down.


IMO it’d be a nice fit (better than space station whatthefuck) for a Live Marketplace title…

There’s nothing wrong with Outpost Kaloki :P

I hope they manage to start releasing Arcade titles faster, though. Not sure why there’s so few games; I’m sure half the developers on places like Popcap or Reflexive would love to sell their games to the literally dozens of people who have managed to find 360s.



Microsoft is saying their xbla release queue full until next year, so that is probably out.


Seems like everyone and their brother wants a piece of the marketplace succes atm.

Well, that seems downright insane. How the heck can they fill up the release schedule on games that might only take six months or less to develop? If you’ve got a great product, they should be more than willing to add it to the queue.

Here’s what I don’t like about the Marketplace… it’s over-managed by Microsoft to try and make releases timed, etc. It’s nowhere near a free market anymore. They need to loosen up and simply do QA to make sure the stuff works on the platform and isn’t drek.

Wow, their release que is full. That’s pretty amazing seeing how they can’t put out more that 1 goddamn XBLA game a month. What is the XBLA team? Some burnt out sloth engineer who comes in twice a month to see how things are going?

It’s full and yet has no games coming except SF2? Weird.

No, it’s a team that’s trying to manage the rate of releases to maximize income for the distributor. Dump too many good things on the customers at the same time, and they become numb. Trickle them out slowly, and you can make more money.

I have no doubt that they could release XBLA games five times as quickly if they really wanted to.

They definitely have a strategy.
I’m still hopeful they will play Armada and make an exception. ;>