Armchair Warrior :)

Hi folks would appriciate some advice on buying a Lazyboy type chair to do my gaming in. What do you use ? what is good out there ?

Good question. Sadly my living room setup won’t let me use just one excellent chair so I end up on the couch.

What does everyone use for PC chairs? I’m not talking about nootens frankenstein chair or whatever that was.

I have a managerial highback chair from staples. $230 CDN. Very comfortable.

I use a Herman Miller Aeron chair that I picked up on the cheap through a great employee purchase plan.

The nice thing about it is that it’s a mesh-like material so you can literally sit in the thing for hours and never get that “I’m sticking to my chair” feeling that sometimes crops up from sweaty, sweaty gaming.

The Ikea Procent is a great desk chair, and quite cheap too. You sit almost as on a Swopper but somewhat more comfortable and with back support.

I’d suggest going to Officemax or somewhere else that has a lot of office furniture on display. Plop your butt into display chairs until you find the one you like the best.

I also use an Aeron chair and love it. I can sit in it for hours and be quite comfortable.

Wtf, he asked for a Lazy boy type chair, not an office chair. The answer of course is to go to every dealer show room floor you can and sit in every one of them. I eventually went with a Levitz model that was oversized and stupidly comfortable. It has nice wide armrests that I can rest a stiff mousepad on for PC gaming on the HDTV, not to mention watching movies, tv, or console gaming. It’s one of my more favorite purchases of the past 5 years.

Back to the office chair hijack discussion I really don’t like mine all that much. It was the only comfortable model at OfficeMax, and coincedentally the most expensive of course. Still not all that great.

Ditto. Cushioned armrests, and if you throw some kind of lumbar support in, you can adjust yourself so that you’re head is resting on the back of the chair, yet your neck is still straight and you can play games with ease.

…that’s so awesome.

Thanks Gendal this did turn more into office chair thread :) what model of Levits did you get ?

Doesn’t the baby make it kind of lumpy to sit on?


Are you kidding? Babies are soft.

Only if you skin the shoes off.

I tried to find the same recliner online, but the closes I could find was this

and that’s not exactly it. Close, but the armrests seem wider and not as slanted. lazyboy had a nice model that cost twice as much, but it wasn’t any more comfortable nor did it look as nice.

My gf just rolled her eyes when I first got it, it’s basically an eye sore in my town home. Of course now I can’t peel her out of it, the previously “good enough” couch is now seriously lacking in comfort.