Armies of Exigo

I met these guys at the aforementioned demo (above). They’re all fascinating fellows, many of which held/hold standings in the European Warcraft 3 official Blizzard ladders (like in the top 20, if I recall correctly). The distinct impression that they got from them is that they weren’t out to reinvent the wheel: They were there to make the wheel go as fast as it freaking can.

Matt, I’m not sure how to handle your complaint that Armies of Exigo and Act of War are “boring”, other than to say I thought they were “fun”. But you’ve already headed me off at the pass by saying you didn’t “notice the fun”. Rats. Foiled again! :)

At any rate, I think they’re both great RTS designs doomed to mediocrity by a lack of branding. I’d be happy to elaborate if you like, but it might be easier to just direct you to reviews I’ve written for CGW: Armies of Exigo and Act of War. I still play both games.

As for your assertion that Act of War is buggy, that’s not something I’ve encountered. What bugs did you notice?


P.S. I almost made a snide remark about you giving Empire Earth II a 94% in PC Gamer, but I wanted to be sure first. So I looked it up and realized I was confusing you with Matt Peckham! Oops.[/quote]

To be fair, I didn’t play the full game of either. I only played the demos. Armies of Exigo felt very deviod of “fun”. I realize that’s completely subjective, but it felt almost exactly like WCIII and without the stellar UI that blizzard makes.

The one bug that stuck in my mind from the Act of War demo was bad guy could get stuck in places where my guys couldn’t hit them, just die to them shooting. And the demo was very much a rail game. Maybe that’s different in the full.

I can’t say I always agree with your reviews, but for the most part I like your words…maybe I’ll give Armies another try.

I just picked this up at my local Fry’s for $9.90. Had to try it at that price!