Armored Core V: Paint it Chrome

Never the biggest fans of the Armored core games but starting to get a little excited about this one. For 360 and PS3.

Trailer here.

This screenshot is the one that got me interested. It may look familiar to some people.

More here

In the absence of Chromehounds 2, I SUPPOSE I’ll have to be interested in this. Woe is me!

Looking over and doing some basic googling on this has got me excited again, especially since I’ve been regaling a co-worker with tales of the Dayse of Ye Olde Houndes of Chrome.

It’s supposed to come out in October in Japan and then in 2012 here, with persistent online play (you have to set up turrets and other defenses for your territory when your team is not online) and a team of 4 mechs and a commander who isn’t on the battlefield giving an overview. I’m a little dubious about the persistent play thing, but damned excited about anything that makes me think of Chromehounds.

I really wish they had done a solid sequel to Chromehounds that addressed the issues in the original game.

Is it possible to play Chromehounds multiplayer over a LAN or is the multi in that game just dead now?

They killed the servers, so no online play at all for anyone. There was no deathmatch option or the like.

Man, I didn’t play that game enough. A friend of mine was just asking me about mech games, I’m afraid I got his hopes up. I guess I’ll tell him to check out ACV.

Actually there was deathmatch style modes but the core of the game was the conquest mode. But all online got shutdown when they killed the servers.

Things are looking good for the multiplayer based on this review

This is coming out next week. Wonder if it will satisfy some of the ‘piloting mecha’ urges that the Mechwarrior announcements have stirred up.

It’s the only mech game on the horizon that isn’t freemium. That has to count for something.