Army of 2: 2 - what to expect?

My brother and I both have PS3s now and we’re looking for a cool game to play Co-op together, online (he’s in another state.) Our preference would be more stealth and shoot than run and gun, but not sure there’s a PS3 game like that out there.

Anyone have any insight on Army of Two:2? I see the demo is out, so we can try that, but wondering if anyone here could tell us what to expect.


I have no real insight beyond the demo and the previous game, but I can offer my thoughts.

I wouldn’t call Ao2:40th ‘stealth-based.’ You are pretty much clearing out areas of enemies, I’m not aware of any sequences where you simply go by unnoticed. I wouldn’t necessarily call it run and gun either though, since using cover and teamwork are pretty important for success.

On stealth, you start some battles unseen and can potentially win by either taking people out unnoticed or sneaking up on the officer and taking him hostage. It looks like this will be difficult to pull off in a lot of cases though.

Also, one of the central premises of the gameplay is to have one guy shooting up the place and drawing attention to himself while the other guy flanks unnoticed. It’s maybe not a traditional kind of stealth, but it’s there and definitely effective.

Sounds like you guys would have a blast with SC: Conviction, but that doesn’t release until late February (you know, assuming they don’t cancel and remake it again).

Personally, I would say 40th is worth your time simply because it may defy your expectations of a shooter. It isn’t just another Gears or Uncharted and hinges on teamwork in a meaningful way. As somebody who really liked the original I’m a little biased though.

Other people have also posted their impressions in this thread. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, since I want to experience the demo in Co-op with a friend, and our schedules haven’t synced up yet.

Thanks, we’ll give it a try. Since it’s my brother, we’ll have a good time just doing something together no matter what, but it will be gravy if it’s a good game. ;)

Re: SC:Conviction - unfortunately, I’m one of those luddites who only has a PS3, looks like that’s an XBox only game, right?

Army of Tutu?

And PC, if you have a suitable rig. But yeah, no PS3 version announced yet.