Arrested Development - *Put on your 3D glasses now!*

For shame people! I expected coming to work and wasting away reading about all the hilarity of last night’s (probably last?) episode and there’s nothing!

They were on fire last night with the self referential humor, throwing out every TV audience grabbing trick in the book (Guest Stars!, Live ending!, 3-D!, SOMEONE WILL DIE!) Easily one of the best episodes of the entire series. Hilarious yet also sad watching the show struggle so much just to stay alive.

“That’s a clear-cut situation with a guarantee of comedy. Tell your friends.”

I was going to post something, but the original thread is still missing. I wonder when the archives are coming back? But yeah, it was a hilarious episode.

“What about the Home Builder’s Organization?”

“No, the HBO won’t bail us out.”

Also, there’s a great quote by David Cross in the season 2 DVD extras:

I just watched the episode again, and it turns out the actual line was:

“Let me take off my actor’s pants for a moment, and pull my anal-rapist stocking over my head…”

I was also looking for the old thread. Man, what an amazing episode. How many are left? One? Two?

Two episodes I think. I loved the bit about H.B.O. and Showtime, as well as the “That’s a clear-cut situation with a guarantee of comedy. Tell your friends” bit. Fraking brilliant, I thought. :) Lots of laugh out loud moments last night. I hope this show continues, it’s really at the top of its game.

I loved when they trotted out a bunch of the guest stars that had been on the show previously.

And man… “I’m in love with my cousin.” “Yep, love you too, pal.”

That episode was top of their game, but this season has been inconsistent. Frankly, season 1 is still the best, but that’s hardly a knock against this season or season 2. They’re just not as excellent.

Oh I disagree. I think this season has been wonderful, but season two was the best overall. In fact, the first time they ran a repeat after the new episode a few weeks ago, it was the first episode I ever saw (the one where GOB breaks out of prison), and I couldn’t help but notice that, as much as I loved that episode at the time, it really wasn’t up to par with a lot of the later stuff, including most-to-all of season two.

I know I liked the Wee Britain arc better than most people here, so I won’t categorically say that this season is up there with last. But man, they sure were showing all their moves on that last episode.

I hate to say it, but I haven’t enjoyed this year much, either. Just doesn’t seem very focused or funny. The whole Wee Britain thing was dumb, and I just never bought into the idea of Michael falling for a woman with the mind of a seven-year-old. And the Tobias stuff has gotten so over the top that it’s getting a bit annoying. Every episode now has at least two moments where he says some goofy gay double-entendre.

I dunno, I’ve really enjoyed all of the episodes so far this season. I really hope it continues somewhere else. There’s a lot of stories to be told here. :)

Me too. I love the series, and think if the quality has suffered this year, it’s because of Fox’s screwing around with everything last season. Must be tough making shows when you’re expecting the axe to fall any minute. Has the show absolutely, positively been cancelled by Fox, btw? I thought that earlier announcement was a bit weaselly.

And, man, to be replaced on Sunday nights by the absolutely unwatchable The War at Home?

Yup, exactly. The comedy was so much more satisfying when it was more subtle, particularly with regard to Tobias.

So no episode tonight?

I never know when they are showing it or when they’re not.

On the upside, at least it was House reruns.

OUT OF THE BLUTH: Fox has announced a Friday, Feb. 10, two-hour season finale — that’s what the memo says, season finale — for Arrested Development. In the season finale — that’s what the memo says, season finale — Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Judd Reinhold will guest-star, as well as Arrested headliner Jason Bateman’s real-life sis, Family Ties alum Justine Bateman, playing a woman who may or may not be Michael’s half-sister.

Woohoo! Thanks for the news, Jazar!

Season finale rather than series finale. Hope springs eternal…

Two hours?
During sweeps?
Heads up against the Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony?

apparently there’s a pretty good shot this show will be picked up by ABC or Showtime.