Arrested Development: The Movie?

So, did anyone catch MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann friday night (12/07)? He mentioned rumours (again) of a possible movie being tossed around by several key members of the show. Then he gives an impassioned plea to bring back one the greatest sitcoms of our time, ending it with a great GOB impersonation : “Oh Come On!!!”

One can only dream this will happen.

It would have to have some over the top plot…

That would be the best theatre crowd ever.

More good news!

Won’t happen.

I don’t want to get my hopes up because if I do and then they announce that its canned I’ll probably crash so hard my family will find me in a hole out back on the development lot.

Even more great news! Hurwitz and Howard are contacting AD cast members about interest in doing a movie…

That would be awesome. But, could this actually make any money? I guess the DVD would probably do pretty well.




(a much more elegant way to get to 5, invalidated by this parenthetical notation)


[Spring Break! WOOOO!] Arrested Development Movie! WOOOO! [/Spring Break! WOOOO!]

Can someone start the “Final Countdown” music now?

I hope its a musical

People love to carbo-load!

You want it?


Please, this is the definitive version.

I heard a bit of “The Final Countdown” playing in the stadium during the Super Bowl telecast, and it made me laugh imagining Gob doing his act.

I’m guessing Europe, the Swedish hair band, is also laughing – all the way to the bank.

Yeah, it broke out a whole Arrested Development conversation where I was.

Absolutely not.
This is.

Hanzi wins! Both more surreal, and better musicians (in an the the strangest way possible.)