Please let them bring back Caity Lotz’s Black Canary!


Seriously. She really did a badass Canary. Much better than mopey Laurel.


I’m really, really okay with her coming back.

And to be honest, the SFX they break out on Flash for Firestorm are pretty great for TV! I heard about this and have high hopes for it :)


Teaser trailer for the rest of the season, warning: do not watch unless you are okay with spoilers:

Definitely brings a lot of questions! Guess we’ll see where it goes.


That trailer and the one for the Flash both looked great (and yay more crossover!).


Hmm, thinking about the fx thing, it’s kind of natural that tv superheroes would be the area where improvements in CGI, especially in terms of cheapness of making it, would show up. They have the incentive to try to do most with least and it’s an area where success would bring kudos (because everyone would prefer tv superhero fx to be as realistic and wow-factorey as possible; and for the companies involved, it helps one’s show compete in the ratings if people are talking about how great its fx are).

I’ve been such a happy bunny with the fx on all these recent tv superhero shows, it’s like a childhood dream coming true :) (As a nerdy kid, one developed a nose for special fx quality, and one always lamented how poor they generally are in tv as compared to movies :) )


Really not thrilled with the direction they have taken Arrow. Lets see, rich guy who has lost both parents to violence is a vigilante. He employs his bodyguard/butler to assist him and alienates pretty much everyone he possibly can. He runs afoul of Ras 'al Ghul and the League, who now wants him to become his heir. If they wanted to remake Batman, this is a crappy way to do it.


Yeah, but I never saw Afred take the field, and I am pretty surr Ollie has no money. The fact is that the green arrow and batman always had a lot of similiarities. There is no getting around that, but there are key differences, from the origins, to his willingness to kill.
All in all, I would rather celebrat the fact celebrate that we have something like this, rather than make misplaced comments on how it is like batman.


I’d rank this season as the least impressive of the three so far, but not because it feels like a retread of Batman stories. It does, but I’ve always thought Green Arrow felt that way regardless, similar to what legowarrior said. My problem with season 3 is that nothing really feels important. Ollie “dies”, but at the hands of Ras which makes it obvious he’ll come right back somehow. The whole Felicity-Oliver romance angle has no depth of feeling whatsoever. Ray Palmer’s ATOM thing feels like an afterthought. Laurel makes a really unconvincing Canary, both in terms of the actress’ skills and in the sense that the story portrays her as out of her depth with all these trained fighters and vicious thugs, but she never gets more than a few bumps and bruises. And the flashbacks to 5 years ago are mildly interesting, but unlike the first couple of seasons, they don’t seem to feed into the present-day storylines in any significant manner. The first two seasons had lots of backstory on the Ollie’s survival, the Undertaking, and Slade in the flashbacks, but this season they don’t seem connected at all outside of the presence of Ollie and Maseo. I’m still watching, but my excitement level is mild curiosity, not serious anticipation the way it has been in the past.


Sure they make a few divergences like taking Ollies money away. I enjoy the show, and as far as the first two seasons, while a costumed, powerless vigilante like the Green Arrow has similarities to Batman, they didnt directly poach from the Batman mythos. I just feel that this third season has been lazy on the writers part. I make my “misplaced?” comments because I do like the show and I honestly feel that the writers have lost their way a bit. Clearly you’re OK with the direction the show has taken, and thats fine but your opinion while it differs from mine does not invalidate mine.


I thought that last episode was damn good actually. I liked the resolution to the troubles at Nanda Parbat, the challenge to Arrow, Arrow and Felicity, Thea and Arsenal (what a physically beautiful pair!), side-helping of cool villain, all good stuff. I like the idea that Ras is going to play mind games with Arrow, instead of using violence, to get his way.


One thing that annoys me about this show and maybe it’s just me, the actors have this habit of not looking at the person they are talking to when they are talking to them. Oliver is talking to Felicity and looking past her, at what, I do not know. In certain situations, wistfully speaking for instance, it makes sense but they do it for everything. I keep thinking it’s because they can’t remember their lines and are reading them off a monitor behind the camera.


Oh, totally. Amell is particularly bad about that.

There’s an element of realism to it, I think. I often look away from the person I’m talking to while cooking up my thoughts. But I’m an engineer, and a social disaster scene. Rich kid party boy should have none of my self-esteem or introversion issues.


After five years on a hellish island, I’m looking at some. . . thing else.


I’ve actually been enjoying the hell out of this season, especially Roy, who’s becoming my favorite character.


This last episode, I’m not seeing how that move at the end helps anything. Number one, it does nothing to address the person who is causing their trouble, and second it makes the current situation even worse. So I’m genuinely curious to see where this can lead, there must be a plan right?


The green eye liner paint just got to me too much in the end. I started out in season one but by season two i was watching other stuff…because of the eye-liner, mostly (i mean how erm…‘not my kinda thing’ is that?!).


Olliver said he has no plan and Roy is just an idiot.


I think Oliver’s thought was if he’s turned himself in, the killings would stop. That’s probably at least part of it.


I mean the part where Roy claims to be the Arrow. Oliver’s idea has merit, since it directly relates to the ‘cage or ascend as my heir’ choice he was given. It isn’t what anyone wants, but it would end the problem. Roy’s action is a head scratcher, since I can’t see what he thinks will come of it. Does Roy think the cops will say “Oh, okay, I guess we let Oiiver go now?”. Plus I’m sure Roy’s immunity involves everything before the attack on the convoy, no matter what they still have him for that. I’m sure it’ll work out but I think the writers might have dug themselves too deep a hole. I’m hoping they don’t just hand wave it all away somehow.