Yeah, Roy was being… well, Roy, actually - his actions there trying to save Oliver but not in a smart way were pretty well in character. I almost excepted (hoped?) to see Oliver to face palm.

One thing I don’t get - isn’t there just a BUCKETLOAD of “reasonable doubt” regarding who the Arrow is, from a police point of view? I realize picking apart the drama in a comic book show is… well, it’s probably poor form, but that big is bugging me. Like my son pointed out, while obviously Harry Dresden knows it’s him himself, he’s really just going by the word of a guy that kidnapped him to tell him that. And there isn’t really any evidence - it’s not like it would stand up in court. Not that Oliver would really be able to keep the secret, even if he was acquitted or whatever.


People have been imprisoned for life due to their confession, so I can believe Oliver’s admissions would be enough. I would assume, although we didn’t see it, that before he got that deal he provided more than enough info to guarantee he’s on the up and up. Cops were shot with arrows, and they got a confession from one guy, and caught another guy. There’s no way I can see that both these guys walk away with no one being held accountable.

edit: The reason I don’t think it’s just Roy being Roy is because the previous scene made it sound like all three of them are in on this. If so, this was just the first stage of the plan.


I thought the same thing. My son pointed out with his confession all they would have to do is walk into the basement of the night club.


I suppose if he hadn’t walked in they would have gotten a warrant to do just that, maybe. Though they probably should still be working on that warrant. Ah well, comic book stories don’t have to make logical sense, they just have to be entertaining, and this one certainly is that.


Hah, a facepalm by Oliver at the end there would have been awesome. I’m going to pretend it happened, just because it would fit so well with the apparent stupidity of whatever the heck Roy thinks he’s doing.

I enjoyed the cameo by Felicity’s mom. Too much of her would get annoying, but every once in a while she makes for some good comic relief.


Jeez, what a roller-coaster ride of an episode!


Well, okay, but you guys are missing a helluva great show.


Think you might have meant that as a response on the Flash thread?


I did! Getting old sucks.


On the one hand, “I can get a written confession” you mean you didn’t get one to start with?!?!

On the other hand, I liked everything else. Especially how blithely Ray is enjoying his team up while Oliver is slowly having his soul squeezed out of him. Finally someone asks about pooping in the Flash jail and it’s on Arrow!


Other metahumans! Upcoming Lazarus Pit usage (hence the begging part)! No more Abercrombie, and it actually made me sad!

Arrow has still got it.


I have to say how much I’m enjoying Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer. Guy is just so…JOYFUL…he was especially great on Flash as well.


The other metahumans bit was a great twist. They had me totally thinking it was just another “borrow” from the Flash to have this guy running around, and then at the end they imply that he’s something else entirely. Looking forward to finding out where that’s going.

Ras coming after Thea, on the other hand…not much of a twist. Is there anyone watching this show that did not see that coming? OK, maybe I expected more of a hostage situation than actual death, but the idea that Ras would go after Ollie’s sister to “convince” him was a pretty obvious move. More so than all the fake Arrow stuff that was tried first.


That ties into what I mentioned in a previous post, all these troubles stem from Ra’s’s(?) determination of Oliver’s place. Until the team addresses that then nothing they do is really accomplishing anything. Sure he’s out of jail and the police aren’t after Oliver anymore but that was not the problem. Roy did have an elaborate and crazy plan but it was a lot of work for nothing, at best Oliver is right back where he started when he first said no.


There are some nice character moments in this episode.

“Are you this anxious when I go out in the field?”
“I honestly can’t think of an answer to that question that doesn’t get me in trouble.”

This line made me laugh:
“There’s a decent chance you two and Palmer might be related.”


They telegraphed it enough that it was definitely expected. Ive been trying to figure out how they get Team Arrow out of the mess they are in and I think that maybe Merlyn is the one who bails them out. Im guessing Merlyn ends up taking Ras out for “killing” Thea and thus becomes The Demons Head and freeing Oliver from having to become Ras in one fell swoop. How they get Arrow to continue to operate in Starling City? I have no idea how they are going to reasonably pull that one off.


My guess: they pretend he’s a copycat named… Green Arrow.


Merlin would be an amazing Ras , I hope this comes true.


Thought they did a pretty decent job with Thea in the Lazarus Pit. The insane-jump-out-of-the-pit was well done, I thought, as well as the confused jumbling of memories as she recovered.

Could have done without the soft porn scene this week, though this being CW at least they didn’t go full-on Game of Thrones on us. Maybe it’ll result in a 9-months-later cliffhanger at the end of this season with Felicity holding their love child.

Was mildly disappointed that they didn’t follow up yet on the Lance family reunion, after events from this week’s Flash. Maybe they’re waiting in case people watch them out of order.

Nice to see a bit more Katana. The bit where she stabbed that guy through the truck-wall canvas was pretty cool.


Ollie’s already got a love child living in Central City, does he really need another? I think the show runners just wanted to throw the Oliver-Felicity ‘shippers a bone before things get really dark. Although now I’m wondering just how dark they will get, since R’as’ speech at the end seemed to stress that our understanding of the word “assassin” is really just a big linguistic mix-up. And thinking back to the League of Shadows in the Nolan Batman films, they really were about “cleansing”, mass murder was just a tool to them.