I’m just glad finally, FINALLY, someone stepped up and pointed out that he had to stay, Felicity’s plan was pointless. It’s a plus that Oliver himself was the one to say it. If they all leave, they are right back where they started! What’s to stop Ra’s from going back to the city and jabbing someone, maybe Thea, again?

I’m wondering if Oliver can take over, then immediately name a successor. He hands over the league and goes back to his life. Hey, once he’s boss he makes the rules right?


I think he’s going to hand the League to Maseo once the Aussie guy (who btw has to be one of the biggest miscasts in the series - he always seems to me like some brickie they picked up off an Australian building site) kicks the bucket. Possibly Merlyn but more likely Maseo, with Merlyn perhaps killing Maseo and taking over later.

It was a great episode and it resolved its plot threads well enough, although I too found the Ollicity porn a bit distracting, as someone who’s never found Ollicity at all convincing chemistry-wise (I’m on record upthread about this).

Just as a general point, if there’s any problem with any of these great tv superhero things at the moment, it’s that the writers seem to be under the impression that every goddamn episode has to have a dozen plot twists and things that move the bigger story along in some surprising way.

I think modern day scriptwriters lose sight of the possibility of having a show that has a greater proportion of “bread and butter” episodes where the hero is just a hero, the villain du jour is just the villain du jour, and the hero does his hero thing. If every episode is big and twisty, then none of them are. You need the contrast.


“Darth Oliver” lol


The funniest part to me was R’as ‘No don’t kill Nyssa cause that’s a bit much old chap’ then later ‘you have to wipe out the city’. Speaking of which, Laurel and Nyssa have interesting chemistry, that’s a spin off show I’d watch. They fight, then go out for fries and shakes, whoever kicked the least amount of ass has to pay.


Another good episode. Darth Oliver was a fun twist, though I still am not convinced he isn’t faking somehow. There was some comments on a review I read that indicated it was “unbelievable” he’d be a straight up murder machine in 3 weeks, but it sounded to me like drugs being slipped into his food was part of how that process worked, so I suspect that’s going to be important later.

Loved Nyssa, I hope she can become a bigger part of the show. I actually also really liked the Black Canary Scream thing debut, having watched the episode on The Flash where that came from I wonder about what folks that don’t watch The Flash will think of that scene, though.


Yeah, very mixed signals. The initial “oh wait don’t kill her” moment felt like maybe R’as was a bit human after all, finding an excuse to save his daughter’s life. Then they go and remind us that this is the same guy who wiped out everyone he grew up with back in the day. Hard to reconcile, but then, I’m of the opinion that they’ve not done a good job with the R’as character in this whole season, so I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. I don’t mind have further opportunity to ogle Katrina Law, though.

Agreed, I think they introduced the Cry in the right spot. Gives a good reason for Oliver to ditch the fight rather than taking them on.


He seemed more annoyed them physically bothered by the Cry.

Also, i was wondering what would happen if Ras did choose Nyssa as his hair. Who would she be asked to exterminate seeing as she was raised in the guild?


Well, she does have great hair, good choice!

I don’t think they would have any trouble picking some trusted friend to make her kill, to prove ruthlessness and so on. Which is seems is what this sort of thing is all about, usually.


Well, he’d almost definitely develop neck problems.


He’s the demon’s head. He’ll manage :)


Hooray, more Tatsu! Too bad that mask was pretty ugly, but I thought the rest of the sorta-samurai-ish outfit wasn’t bad. Nice fight scene with Maseo, thought they did a good job with it. He got the better of her because she really didn’t want to kill him, but then he gave her no choice.

So let’s see…at this point signs point to the vial having been some kind of death-mimic knockout gas, allowing the gang to come back from the dead and overpower the assassins at a critical moment. I kinda hope they keep the marriage and we see more of Nyssa, although sitting through the Felicity angst would be no treat. More likely they’ll manage some trickery to ditch Ras and set Nyssa up in his place, while of course saving Starling City at the last moment, and the whole League just sorta fades away until the next time they need it as a plot device.

Thea is clearly having thoughts of taking over Roy’s mini-arrow role, perhaps not until next season, or maybe she somehow gets involved in the finale with Ras. Hope they keep calling her Speedy.

Felicity is apparently getting ownership of Queen/Palmer Technologies, so presumably Palmer is on his way out wherever the spin-off series is going to take place.


Nyssa looked pretty good as a bride, the League takes care of their own. I wouldn’t blame Oliver for being tempted to play this out for a bit and see what happens.


“No, look, guys, I gotta keep you locked up in here doped up on sleeping gas for just, like, a few more weeks. It’s, uh, all a part of my cunning triple-double deception play!”

“Ollie, are those. . . hickies covering 80% of your body?”

“What, no! No, that’s uh, from training. Training to beat R’as. Yep, lots of training. Welp, better get back to my, uh, training now. Say, Dig, did you bring any condoms with you? Ah, no, I guess not. Cya guys!”


After the great Agents of SHIELD finale earlier this week, this one really looked short to me in comparison. The final Oliver-Ras fight didn’t impress me in the least, and the last-second techno-heroics to prevent the bioweapon outbreak seemed even more contrived than such things usually do. Kind of how this whole season felt.

The speculation up-thread about Merlyn ending up as Ras called it. I’m a little surprised they put Nyssa back into the League with him, rather than having her out as a free agent someplace, but at least she’s still professing undying hatred.

Guest bit by the Flash was unexpected in terms of Arrow-time (though it was pretty obvious yesterday during the last Flash). So they didn’t need to have a knockout gas instead of the poison as I’d half-expected, but having Barry breeze in and clean out the entire fortress full of assassins was cooler anyway.

Was a little surprised nothing came of that paper that Ray had Felicity sign last episode. Saved for next season, I guess.

Who believes that Oliver and Felicity go off into the country and live happily ever after? Anyone? Buehler?


Yeah Agents of Shield set the bar too high for the likes of Arrow. Although the idea of watching Felicity zooming around was pretty cool. Also, seeing some of these people walking around in the open wearing their getups, and no one bats an eye, that was pretty funny. Some of it was just subpar. For instance, Ra’s saying “Something’s wrong” after the plane is shuddering like crazy, you think? And if you watch carefully, as Dig is screaming at everyone to get away, Thea just stands there looking around totally useless and not helping in any way. I imagine the director just yelling out to her “You just stand there, maybe stare off this way and that way a couple of times…action!”


That was a fun night for me…I record Arrow on an old TiVO so after a half hour of caching it up, I sit down to enjoy the finale. Oh, but what is this? I get a music track, but no dialogue! Fast forward a few minutes…still no dialogue. Jump in a half hour…still no talking. Thanks Comcast. sigh Fortunately, I was able to watch it via another medium…

At first, I thought the plane carrying Ras and Oliver might have been the same one from Tuesday’s The Flash that Weather Wizard hit with a lightning bolt. Kind of looked like the same plane…at night…in a thunderstorm…maybe they just borrowed some of the same footage. Overall, not too bad. Liked seeing Thea in red and I’m glad Nyssa appears to still be on the show. But the whole “Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset” kind of felt like a “not sure we’ll get renewed next season” ending.


So did the marriage to Nyssa get annulled? No further mention of that once things wrapped up.

And what about poor Ray? BOOM! I assume whatever happens to him is what will give him his shrinking powers, before he moves onto his new show.


I think the point is that the League doesn’t intrinsically value life, or at least value it as worth very much, for its own sake. Unnecessary killing is wasteful (or gluttonous as he says), in the way that you shouldn’t waste a bowl of rice, even if it isn’t worth a huge amount. Nyssa still has some utility to Ras. But destroying an entire city is fine if it has some benefit (versus none). In this case, it has the benefit of fully separating the new Ras from his past, whether achieving that benefit costs a bowl of rice, 1 life, a village, or a city.


I really liked the end of this season of Arrow, the last 2-3 episodes with the back and forth is Ollie evil is he good, really had me confused as to where they were going to take it.

I had a BIG EVIL SMILE on my face seeing Merlin as the new Ras. SOGOOD.gif Maybe we can get him to cross over to Flash and the new DC Heroes show. Merlin is probably my favorite character on the show. <3

This almost felt like a series finale the way most of the stuff got wrapped up. Here is hoping season 4 of Arrow will be a bit less doom and gloom.


I don’t think anybody alive is taking that seriously.

I mean either the League of Assassin’s has a marriage annulment set of bylaws or maybe the only thing that matters is what the current Ras wants.