If I was the actress that plays Felicity, I’d be super concerned about my steady paycheck. I think we all know the only way to get a “retired” hero fully back into the cape and cowl. Just ask Jason Bourne. :)


Possible good news for fans of the defunct Constantine -he may “make an appearance” in the next season of Arrow!


In what I think was info from the Arrow SDCC panel, CBR has great news:

[John Barrowman] explained why some characters pronounce “Ra’s” “Raz” while others say “Rayche.” “If you are part of the League of Assassins, you say ‘Rayche.’ It’s a sign of respect and the proper way to pronounce it. If you are outside the League and you’re rogue, as a sign of disrespect, you say ‘Raz.’” That understanding came about because the actual pronunciation was not clarified on the set until episodes with the “Raz” pronunciation had aired, so, “we had to create a mythology.”

Very likely this is only great news to me, but it’s bothered me for years that the “Rayche” pronunciation from Batman: The Animated Series was replaced with the “Raz” pronunciation in the Nolan films. To have Arrow use both was even nuttier, so I love that they cooked up this goofy explanation.


I was rewatching Buffy earlier this year and it was funny to hear Spike call Angel both “Angel-us” and “An-gelus” (the one the settled on). You think he’d figure it out after several hundred years. Not the first show to forget to settle on a pronunciation.


You’re not the only one this bothered, so yay!!!


What’s crazy is I asked that question once while my son and I watched the show, and he suggested this as a theory of his. I can’t wait to get off work and tell him he was right!


I always thought it was supposed to be pronounces ‘Ras’, with the ‘s’ sounding like a snake’s hiss - not like a ‘z’.


That’s just crasy talk.


What is WRONG with you…


Ra’s and Rachel: will they or won’t they?


Oh no Diggle.


Yeah, that is not okay.


Oh no, it’s Bicycle Lad!


OMG I can’t wait to see that in action. Diggle is actually one of my favorite things about the show, so this will either be hilarious or awful.


Is he supposed to be the Guardian?


They MUST have CGI’ed that on. No where Diggle would put up with that crap. The chin strap! Shudders.


If you take off the helmet, the rest of the outfit looks kinda Blade-ish, which I definitely approve of.


He has a nice carbon weave on his helmet!!


With the helmet on he looks like low-rent Magneto.


Yes, someone in the comments on the linked story called him “Blackneto.”

He used to be called Super Volt but then Aquaman made him change it. No one asked then why Aquaman wasn’t called “White Fish.”