Very much this. My son even commented on how great of a villain he is, and he never even saw Justified!


HEh, probably for the best if he’s young enough. I doubt anything he does on Arrow will beat this, however.


OMG, I had no idea Dum Dum Dugan is the same actor!!!


I know, right? He’s THAT awesome.


I actually knew that was him, but completely forgot. I’ll have to point that out to my son, he’ll get a kick out of that one.


Still behind , but I just watched the Holiday episodes of Flash and Arrow, I have to say that overall Katie Cassidy has really improved this season and I am sort of liking her character now.

Also that cliffhanger scene in the limo! At least I only have to wait till tomorrow to watch the next 2 episodes.


DC/Warner Bros. continues to mismanage everything and ruin what manages to succeed despite their efforts:

During a Q&A on Tumblr, “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed Deathstroke is unlikely to return on the show due to the character’s involvement in another unspecified DC project.

When asked whether Slade Wilson or Walter Steele will reappear on the show, he replied, “The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project. Walter is more likely.”


Fucking hell no not Slade, too! Ugh


Hooray, Vixen! The animal-spirit CGI was pretty cool, although I think they could have worked it into the action a little better. Mari crouching in front of Darkh for 5 seconds while he just kinda looks at her was kinda weak. And what kind of animal has missing-kid radar? I thought they’d show her doing bloodhound tracking or something, but it was just “I know he’s in the city!” Good to see her on the main show nonetheless. Maybe they’ll work her into Flash, too.

About time they finally broke up Ollicity, been expecting that for a good long time now. What sort of over-the-top drama would this be without destroyed relationships? I suppose it’s not permanent, probably going to be all sweetness and light again by next season. Until the next dumbass move by Mr. Queen.


Question: Does this get better after Season 1?

I’ve been binging on Netflix, and I’m a bit over halfway through the first season. It’s not bad, but it’s a heck of a letdown after Jessica Jones. So many series find their feet later on, though, that I wonder if it’s worth investing more time in it.


Season 2 is the best, and season 3 is the worst. I’d put season 4 (thus far) around the same as season 1.


Hah, and I just came in this thread to ask if this season was worth watching. Season 3 was so dreadful that I haven’t even bothered to watch 4 yet. The entire plotline where “did he really die?” “did he really turn evil?” for what felt like 200 episodes were the main sources of tension were a real misfire. No, he obviously didn’t die or become evil, because they don’t have an archer character popular enough to replace him with and the show is called Arrow. And the Felicity stuff… dear lord help me.

All I can do is pray that season 4 isn’t driven by constant conflict between Oliver and Felicity and Felicity constantly being kidnapped/almost killed. At least I can take comfort in the fact that every person we have been introduced to has already become a master of all forms of combat in less than 6 months of training, so hopefully we can do away with the old character reappearing as a super-badass (happened what… 3 times so far? or is it 4?) thing they were obsessed with. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that no one actually ever stays dead on Arrow, so I’m not expecting that to change. Only a matter of time before mom shows up again, and hey, why not dad at some point. His clone shot himself. :D


The wife and I have binged up to Season 3, and even watching them one after another, I thought the end of 3 dragged on. We’re looking forward to the rest of season 4, though. What we’ve seen so far we’ve liked.

What I want to know is, when we get to season 6, if it survives that long, where will Oliver’s flashbacks go? Maybe they’ll just play snippets from season 1. <.<


From what I’ve seen, like others said, season 2 is better than season 1. However, no seasons of Arrow compare to Jessica Jones, IMO. Flash is better than Arrow, and I probably like it more than Jessica Jones, but it’s a different type of show also.


Yeah, I’ll chime in and say that S2 is one of the best seasons of Superhero TV out there. 3 was a definite step back, while 4’s been rebounding solidly for me. The Olicity dramaz don’t bug me as much as they do other fans, perhaps because I am shamelessly smitten with Emily Bett Rickards and would have all of her babies if such an arrangement were biologically feasible.


One thing that bugs me about Arrow is how they’ve made Oliver weaker as the series goes on to showcase assists from other team members. In season 1 he was mostly unstoppable in a fight, did his own investigations (or at least, glossed over them by himself) and told a compelling story while being consistent about power levels (yes, I’m that big of nerd, but that also meant they were stories where sheer brute force wasn’t enough.) These days the show has fallen into the routine of:

  1. action intro #1, look team is busy
  2. drama/flashbacks
  3. Felicity work some cringy tech mojo to find new bad guy. My ears bleed.
  4. fight #2, bad guy stalemates and gets away
  5. drama/flashbacks
  6. Felicity let’s enhance #2
  7. fight #3, good guy wins in vein of whatever theme of the week it is.

Disappointing season, though still better than the last. The corrupt police officers episode takes the cake for absurdity. Snatching arrows out of the air used to mean something.


The thing bugging me about Arrow, right now, is the amount of hand-to-hand fighting going on now. Season 1 and 2 was mostly featuring Arrow’s ability to shoot, you know, arrows. Now he shoots and arrow to causing some smoke and then charges in to a group swinging his bow. I realize most of that is because he can’t kill people now (ugh, I LIKED that he killed people). But doesn’t that pretty well mean that his weapon of choice is a bad weapon of choice now?

It’s not just Oliver. All of them, except Diggle, tend to charge in with their fists to engage in choreographed dance moves with whoever they are fighting. It removed the grim-dark anything goes feeling that I used to enjoy early in the show.


I feel that season 4 is competent but a bit boring - like comfort food. They’ve all got it down to a fine art, but the whole Damien Darhk thing, which seemed to promise to be building up into something special, seems instead to have gone on the back burner in favour of bitty episodes that seem more like filler.

It reminds me of some of the problems with the Netflix DD and JJ shows - both great shows, but prone to too much pointless filler, stretching out the main story. All these things could be wrapped up in less episodes, but the formal design of having a set number of episodes annoyingly demands filler stuff.

Or are the writers are just being lazy and not making the main story interesting enough while being intricate enough to fill all the episodes?


I can’t remember, when they first teased the funeral/death this season, did they make any promises that it was a totally real and final kind of death? Because the way this episode ended felt very obviously like a setup for faking a death.


They have very much promised its a perma death. This version of character is dead. I believe them in part b/c the plot isn’t just the death but in the aftermath of the death. It’s the setup to end season 4 and drive season 5.

However, the acter is playing an earth 2 version and the DC-CW has alternate earths and time travel. So who knows what happens.

I still like arrow but S2 will always be its peak (and easily my fave season of any network superhero show). Season has stalled since the shift from Ollie’s internal journey to being a hero to focus of Ollie’s girls.