This season should have been called “Arrow: Lies are Bad, M’Kay”. Every time someone overreacted to a small untruth or half-truth, I about sprained my eyes from the severe rolling. Even Diggle beating himself up for lying to his wife about the circumstances of Andy’s shooting were bad (less bad than the rest of the lie reactions, but still). I was glad how she reacted when he told her the truth “dude, fog of war, stuff happens and I’m cool with that”.

Oh, and Argus is somehow the most inept secret agency ever invented, which also somehow being the most far-reaching and effective (apparently).

Curious where the heck they go for next season. I mean, they literally saved the world from magic and nuclear fire, Oliver is mayor, the entire team is broken up (on vacation for the summer?). Where next?



“Last season on Overwatch…”[/I]


Finished the season , wow this was a really bad season overall. The last 3 episodes I watched today were just all over the place. Everything taking place on the island with the idol was horrible pretty much after the Constantine episode. Then at the end of the final episode everyone goes their own way? WTF. And how many times can the city have a giant freaking hole in the middle of it. And now Ollie is mayor? Ugh.


Heh, I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the season. I’ll start the new one fresh.


Writers you have failed ARROW. :p


And to cap off my ComicCon coverage ;)

Can’t help but think that this feels way lower-budget this season. The audio mix and font graphics near the end feel way cheaper than what’s going on in the Flash and Legends trailers, and it’s not like the show’s ever had much in the way of FX. And after the debacle that was the last, uh, two years of the show, I’m way less hyped for it than I’d have been back then. . .

. . . still, new team is encouraging, and Mr. Terrific has been fantastic so far, so I’ll remain hopeful. I mean, a sort of bleak, dismal hope, but hope nonetheless.

S5 Big Bad Spoiler

Apparently they’re going with Prometheus for the S5 Big Bad. . . which I am actually super okay with. There was a point in the midst of the Nolan Batman flicks where Internet People were theorizing that he might show up as a villain in one of them, and I read a ton about the character and got really into the idea. A sort of Anti-Batman, and since Arrow seems insistent on making Oliver, well, Batman, it’s a decent enough fit. And apparently the two have a bit of history in the comics. . .


I can’t agree - that trailer looked just as high of quality as I would expect from Arrow, with some excellent fight sequences shown, to boot. I think it looks like it could be a strong season, though I didn’t really have the problem with season 3 and 4 others did (mostly).


Seeing as how they have pretty much deconstructed every thing about the Arrow they have established over the first 4 seasons, except Oliver, they can now do pretty much what ever they want with the series. Unfortunately, it looks like they decided to form a group of petulant little punks for Ollie to mentor and most of the season will be dealing with their angst. Whatever. Im with Armando on this one. Not real excited about the shows direction anymore.


That font does look weird/bad though.


Specifically, I mean the trailer seems very low-budget in comparison to the others, which, of course, makes me worry about the investment that CW will be making into the show overall. But, again, it’s not as SFX-heavy as Flash or LoT, so it might not be bad, but yeah. . . just feels like a lot less effort went into this one than Flash’s (mind, LoT’s also felt a little janky due to the heavy footage-reuse, but I assume it’s either just filmed less, or they’re trying to mask some new character/villain reveals till later on).

Some good fight sequences would be nice–it feels like those kinda wavered a lot in later S3 and most of S4 (why is Oliver suddenly getting his ass beat by no-name punks and mooks when he used to routinely take out room-fulls of guys in S1&2?). . . but then again, did you notice the total number of arrows he shot in this new trailer?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s less than 1, and more than negative infinity :)


So… Season 5 numbers for the premier are reporting a 30% viewership drop.

Its on my DVR, I’ll watch it over the weekend if I have time.


I’m not surprised. It was pretty bland. I think they may have taken Arrow about as far as it can go.

The fact that the new bad guy seems to be another Dark Archer type made me shrug with indifference.


The boy and I watched and quite enjoyed the Arrow premiere, I just really like the characters more than anything and will always watch for them alone, but I actually thought looked to be an interesting start to the season. Curious to see where it goes from here.


I’m. . . more positive about this than S4!

The fight choreography looks like it got a decent upgrade, and they’re finally paying for some decent wirefu. Think I saw bodies get tossed around like ragdolls no fewer than three times this ep, and the CGI during the “Ollie hitches ride on a helicopter” sequence wasn’t even offensively bad (Arrow can actually fare better here than Flash, since the show’s so damned dark all the time that you can’t see well anyway.

The new street-level villain was kinda cool, but I think they tried to amp up his importance way too fast. And another Dark Archer’s definitely a little goofy, but knowing who he is based on some pre-season leaks, I’m actually really excited to see where he goes.

Some of the New Character Beats feel a little forced–lots of falling off of saddles, forgetting lessons learned over the courses of entire seasons, etc. But still, a shakeup to the formula was needed, and if the writers wanna dredge a little old ground before doing something truly new, I can deal with that.

The Laurel statue was bad, though. So, so goofy looking :)


Yeah, the fight choreography did look a little better than it used to. Hope that’s not just for the premiere.


So, I have been keeping up with Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but I dropped Arrow part way through season 3. Should I pick it up again, or try to finish season 3 and 4, or just, let it go.


S4’s not all bad–the Constantine crossover’s good, and Damien Darkh steals almost every scene he’s in–but at the end of the day, it was–at best–maybe the 5th or 6th best comic book show on TV at the time of airing. If you’re looking to fill time and hope that S5’s a marked improvement, I’d say sure, but if you’re carefully squeezing shows into a couple of hours of free time here and there. . . there’s just better stuff to watch :-/


Flash, Supergirl…what else was better than Arrow last year? Don’t say S.H.I.E.L.D., and don’t even think Legends of Tomorrow.


(Sorry, but) Agents of SHIELD, Legends of Tomorrow, and Gotham (which I didn’t even finish watching) were all probably superior shows, overall. And if we want to include iZombie and The Walking Dead, it’s not even necessarily that ridiculous of a claim to make ;)

But I really kinda loathed big chunks of Arrow S4, and have subsequently soured on it more as I’ve stewed on the matter.


Yeah, it Arrow wasnt even close to SHIELD and Gotham was way better as well. Add in The Flash and Supergirl and yep, Arrow was at best #5. Mention Netflix and its Marvel properties and you can drop Arrow even further. Clearly, we are not the only ones who think that season 4 of Arrow was a complete mess, the Arrow production team has pretty much admitted it was not good and have backed that up by smacking the reset button with a 2 ton hammer. This seasons Arrow premiere saw a drop in viewers by about 1/3. There’s a pretty obvious reason for that. Last season stunk.