Art Competitions for college students?

I have a friend that is visiting. She is a fantastic young art student in a small liberal arts college in, of all places, South Carolina (yuck, eh?).

What kind of competitions would she be eligible or likely to enter in, with animal-related artwork? She draws lots of dogs, dragons, birds, squirrels, occasionally people, etc. And does it quite well.

If she finds one, she can totally win by submitting a performance art piece wherein she hosts her own art contest.

Funny, but it’s a serious question.

It’s a little too specific, isn’t it? Truth be told, with the inescapable hold of abstract art (at least while I was in college) would push her to the fringes. I’ve no answer, except to suggest that she submits to ANY contest. IF the contest has a scope so narrow as to disqualify her, then it’s probably not worth participating from an academic standpoint.

Fair enough answer, thanks.