Artemis Fowl - Branagh and the anti-Potter

Ferdia Shaw, Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Colin Farrell, Nonso Anozie, and Lara McDonnell.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh.

We had the book lying around the house for a couple of years but I never got to read it.

Is it YA? Any good? How is it opposed to HP?

It’s very YA. It’s good, but don’t expect the tone to mature up with the presumed readers like Rowling’s series.

Yeah… its pretty fun easy reading YA series. Though that movie version does not reflect the tone / contents of the books. Its been heavily Hollywood-ized…

I read this when I was about 12. This was the book that made me first become aware of what YA tropes were. Also, it’s the only reason I know what a Sig Sauer is.

That kid can’t act. I was getting Phantom Menace flashbacks.

YA automatically strikes me as dumb instant gratification portable television. Is there a positive side to this moniker?

I think that’s YouTube you’re thinking of.

I enjoyed reading the books with my son when he was young. While they’re very YA, they were well done and I’ll be onboard with seeing this.

So Baby Batman in Black?

That is suited to younger readers? Our do they have to start with War and Peace?

I have 4 kids. We have had lots of great fun with YA series. It’s not meant to be a challenging read for adults.

Yep. That trailer left me wondering what I was watching. Disappointing.

So YA marketing implies that more complex texts are not as suitable for teenagers? That’s crap, and pushes our youth towards idiocracy. I remember reading plenty of high-brow stuff in high school, and hell most people never read more complicated books than during thier first couple years of college. What is that, 18 - 20 range?

The label is garbage. A good book is good for any age. I’d say that YA is more suited to older people looking for a light read to escape.

YA isn’t for 18-20 year-olds. They are the books to help transition from children’s books to adult books. I can remember reading plenty of YA novels in the late 70s and early 80s (3rd-6th grade maybe), but I’m not sure if the term existed then. They are there to reassure parents that it is a book with a PG rating, rather than the expicit sex of Dahlgren (I think I read that as a freshman in high school - my mom wouldn’t have approved). YA is more likely to appeal to a younger audience who may not have the life experience to enjoy more mature themes. I grew tired of them after a few years and moved on to more mature novels, but a lot of those weren’t necessarily better. I was a very well-read young adult, but I missed much of the nuances of the better mature novels because I frankly didn’t have the experiences/knowledge to understand all the complexity of some of them.

I’ll occasionally try a popular YA novel (read the first few Harry Potters and the first Artemis Fowl), but I haven’t really loved any of them. Like any genre, their is a surfeit of chaff making it hard to find the wheat.

We may be saying the same thing, but I will certainly agree with the sentiment of marketing pushing all targets to the lowest common denominator.

You misunderstand who a YA book is aimed towards. And you are on the wrong crusade. There is no pushing our youth towards idiocy. Kids simply have a ton more choice of books and series to jump into to grow their reading habits as they transition from kids books than I had in the 70ies and 80ies.

And it doesn’t prevent them from reading the non YA good books that exist once they feel ready.

And, of course, a good book is a good book. In the case of YA series, they tend to be “safer” reads. So an adult is likely to find them much lighter fare. But they can also enjoy them.

The YA genre, pretty much like all other genre’s follows Sturgeon’s Law. With the Internet and social media, it makes it easier to market the crap, and find the crap.

Disney just announced this movie will now skip theaters and come to Disney+ later this summer.

Makes sense.

“It’s incredibly awful. I mean, stunningly bad”

As expected / feared then. Still disappointing as my kids and I enjoyed listening to the audio books together.

11% on rotten tomatoes. 31 on metacritic. Ouch.