Artemis Multi-PC Spaceship Bridge Simulator

I guess! But this musta hit some nerd-wire today, because my computer nerd friend forwarded me the youtube video… which has like 300 views.

shrug Space sims hit a chord, and there sadly aren’t nearly enough of them to scratch our itch, so stuff like this is big news.

Now in the official thread:

I don’t have enough nerdy IRL friends for this to work, but I’d play this over Hamachi at any point in time.

I got an email from the developer! :)

The basic mission of the Artemis is to single-handedly save the space stations in the sector from the invading ships. When starting the mission, you can set many parameters of how the mission plays, like number of enemies, overall difficulty, sector layout, mines, nebulas, etc. It’s not really like Star Trek where you have a series of challenges that form a story; I’m planning on adding a story mode, but right now it’s about ship-to-ship combat and strategic gameplay.

Artemis isn’t designed to be played over the internet. I always wanted the players to be in one room together, just like a spaceship bridge. I want the captain to be able to push the helmsman aside and shout “Full power, DAMN you!!!”

BUT, as a veteran game developer, I recognize that players play my game the way THEY like, not the way I like. And (theoretically) the network system of Artemis should work over the internet, since you can type in any IP address or even a URL. I didn’t optimize the message stream for internet play, so it may be too laggy. I COULD optimize the connection to fix that. If enough players request it, I will.

I plan on updating Artemis continuously for the forseeable future. Since I JUST released it, I’m hoping to get more feedback from players before setting dates and specific goals, so NOW is the time to play the game and tell me exactly what you want fixed, changed, and added.

That answers some questions I think. :)

“Pedal to the metal Carlos!”

“But… I haven’t yet figured out…”


Edit: agreed. This would definitely revitalize the good old lan parties at my place.

The problem I see is that the stations have no gameplay unto themselves unlike Dangerous Waters or Puzzle Pirates. It amounts to a bunch of nerds bickering about how to best play pc dos Trek.

That is when the captain uses the ol’ standby “five across the eyes”.


This would make an awesome aar. Especially sound captured / frapsed.

I should totally see if I could get a buncha folks together and try to hash this out. :)

A website written by a developer! I would be up for testing it and using Mumble or something to chat.

This makes me sad that all the geek friends I have that would enjoy this are all way too distant for LAN.

I like the captain in the long video. He is identified by his Captain’s hat.

There’s lots of possibilities here. Bring on the Team versus Team gaming! Bring on Fleet versus Fleet gaming! Bring on the cosplay!

And if the term MOLARP hasn’t been coined yet for this genre, it needs to be.

Hahaha, this is a brilliant idea. As Djscman pointed out, there is so much potential in this – for farce as well as drama. Unfortunately, I, too, have no nearby buddies to play it with.

I chucked a little story up on me blog. Good luck to the designer! He’s got a lot of work to do but there’s a lot of potential. When I was working in games I hashed out a similar idea with a coder over a couple of beers, great to see someone else dreaming the dream!

Love for this concept I have.

I too approve of this geeky idea

Cliffski, any way you could merge this with GSB somehow? That would be the greatest orgasmic gaming experience ever.

My head just exploded.



I have nothing to add, just want to bump the thread.

Out of love…mind you

for the concept.