Artemis Space Simulator Nerd Frenzy 2.0: Saturday, 2012 Feb 4

OK so yes the next Artemis frenzy IS happening at our house again, Saturday, February 4th, 2012, 4 pm - 8 pm.

In the other Artemis thread I asked everyone to PM me their actual (non-work) email addresses, so we can organize that way, because Qt3 PMs suck and spamming the front page with logistics is uncouth. The email has just gone out. The terrifying thing is that we now have almost twelve people… so two ships it is, and the chaos is going to be NIGH OVERWHELMING. Also AWESOME.

Watch this space… and the skies…

I can’t wait to hear how this goes. It sounds like all kinds of awesome.


I just read through the liveblogging from the last go around and it was hilarious!

They are talking about adding GM support to the game. So, full on space DnD?

So if Napoleon Solo, Han Solo, and Mr Sulu got in a fight…that would be almost as cool as 2 Artemis ships playing together at once. Three words…Vi-De-O

Wait a minute, you guys are planning to wrap it up by 8pm on a Saturday night? What kind of amateur armchair nerds are you?


Oh? May I ask where this has been brought up?

Man, I wish it wasn’t a 2243 mile trip to Seattle. This sounds freakin’ amazing.

Parental ones :-). Some of us, anyway!

Didn’t get much reply yet to planning email thread… will need to prod everyone a bit. Still unclear exactly how many peeps we will get

My pal (leader of the Madison WI Artemis gang) said he read it on the dev blog.

Found it!

It’s been a busy start to the year, but the year promises to be busy as a whole. :)

I’m working on fixing bugs and problems so I can release 1.61. This update will be a big deal simply because I’ve been putting in the GAME MASTER console. I’ve also added the Captain’s Map.

The captains map is really just the science screen without the scan button. But it does let the captain select an object, and that selection appears on everyone else’s console. Your bridge doesn’t have to use the captain’s map. I made it 'cause it was a cheap copy of the science console, and 'cause Captain Archer had a table-surface screen behind the bridge, and I thought that would be cool to support.

The Game Master console starts by being the science console with everything fully scanned. The operator can left-click to select objects, or right-click to select a location. Then the operator can press keys on the keyboard.

From the game master console, a pressed key goes to the server, and can be tested in a mission script event. Essentially this means that game masters will be “running” a mission script, one that is carefully designed to be operated by a human. Not only can the game master cause things to happen by pressing keys, but by selecting objects and locations, the game master can tell the scripts WHERE to spawn (or move or destroy) enemies and other objects.

When I release 1.61, I will also build and release a working reference mission script that is specifically designed to be used with the game master console, so people who want to see how it is to play as a game master may do so. And since it’s a mission script, you can build your own. By convention, I’d like to use the word “Module” in the name of every mission script that’s designed to be used by the game master console, so we don’t confuse them with mission scripts that aren’t designed for a human operator.

Right this second I’m fighting the code that updates “bulk objects” (mines, nebulas, and asteroids), 'cause the game master console isn’t showing the same things the server LRS is. I may have to rebuild that code entirely. :)

We’ll give McCullough the GM console and see if we can keep our sanity.


You could use the transporter.

I’m now imagining a scenario where Jason Statham drives him across the country.


We have a quorum and Pogue Mahone is captain, Alan Au helms, DennyA weapons, Malderi engineering, Corey Krosting on comms, Doug Erickson and Jason McCullough observing, RepoMan journalist.
Shakedown cruise, Invasion style, Interesting sector, difficulty 4.

Denny: “Who are we targeting? I need shield frequency for 6-6.”
Pogue: “They’re coming our way now. That’s good, right?”
Oh God,m we’re getting shot from the rear!
Alan: “Requesting power for maneuvering!”
Malderi: “Let me know when you need a good turn again!”

Ooh, ships are moving in the Z-plane now! We are getting shot from above, below, and the rear. Alan warps out.

Captain Pogue to the right, helmsman Alan to the left, bridge display projected on the wall:

WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! Corey triggers red alert, causing everyone to jump as though goosed.

Denny: “Do you know about the coolant thingie?”
Doug: “Rear shields down!”
Denny: “And… firing nuke!”
Nuke seems to go in a weird direction (Z-plane issue?), but the enemy blows up so it’s all good.
Malderi: “Damage control teams are dying!”
Denny: “Now we just need the 180-degree-spin button.”
Malderi: “Energy reserves are pretty low!”

Engineering screen on the fritz, we’re getting hit so much!

Pogue: “Can that starbase fill us up?” DennyA: “Yep.”

We upgraded to 1.6 and evidently you actually have to target things now, our nukes are not hitting as much as they did in the last game!

Pogue: “Maybe we should go to another station.”
Corey: “All the other stations are destroyed!”
Malderi: “Oh crap, we have 10 energy left!”
Pogue: “Can we get a tow truck?”
Denny: “I suggest we hail them and join their side.”
Pogue: “Can we apologize?”

Long-range scan with everyone on our dick (we’re the little green dot)

Denny: “Ohh, there’s like six more ships coming towards us!”
Malderi: “Sorry, that’s my bad.”
Alan: “So really it’d be nice to have some power to engines!”
Denny: “Science, what shield frequency is this guy?”
Doug: “A!”
We have achieved ZERO ENERGY.
Various BANGs and BEEPs and CRUNCHes are coming as we keep getting shot.
Malderi: “I have no power to give you and all the engines are damaged and we have only one damage control team left!”

Alan: “So, running out of energy is bad!”
Jason: “We died! Diiiied!!!”

Single front (rather than siege), difficulty 5, DREADNOUGHT, BABY!
Everyone maintaining their positions.

Here’s the initial layout, white dots are baddies:

Malderi: “The warp is running out of energy really fast!”
Alan: “If you allocate more power, we get there faster!”
Engines go wooooOOOOOEEEEEEE and everyone laughs with RAW SPEED POWER.
Alan: “Coming out of warp…”

Here’s a bad guy, we’re nuking and torping him.

Shooting at baddie! BOOOM!
Pogue: “He popped like a pinata!”
Alan: “No, he’s still there.” We’re juking and diving to get him in our forward arc again.
Malderi: “Power to impulse, let’s see if that helps…” vrooom! “Yep!”
And then he vanishes right out in front of us! Fucker has a jump drive!
Denny: “Firing!” And boom, we definitely got him that time.

My four-year-old joins me. “Daddy, what those white things?”
“They’re meanie ships that hate us.”
“Why they hate us?”
“I dunno. Corey, why do they hate us?”
Corey: “Because I’ve been insulting them!”

There’s another bad guy… “Power to the beams!” Boom zap boom, BOOM!
Our captain raises his arm in victory:

Alan: “Going to warp!”
Malderi: “Power to warp!.. oh wait, I didn’t have any coolant going to it!”
Just about to dock with a starbase to get more power… and there we are. Now heading out to asteroid belt to take on some

more baddies.

Here’s the very spread-out layout now – Jason, Doug, Corey (in background), Denny, Pogue, Malderi, Alan –

Getting out of Dodge, more baddies coming throug the asteroid field!

Denny: “What’s the frequency on R-27?”
Doug: “A. And their shields are going down.”
BOOM! Those tuned beams are what it’s ALL ABOUT.
Jason: “G-55 has like no shields though.”
Torp goes off and BOOM!

And BOOM BOOM BOOM, third ship taken out, not much trouble!

Captain debating where to go. “Let’s go to Deep Space Something! Power to warp!”
We just went to DS3 and there was a baddie there! And we took him down point blank, but almost lost all our power in the

process. Yikes!
Corey: “If we go to DS4 we get more nukes.”
Pogue: “Off to DS4!”
Warping at top speed with Malderi/Alan on the case.

There’s some kind of clusterfuck going on nearby, a bunch of red ships taking on a bunch of white ships.
Pogue: “We have six nukes on board.”
Corey: “Yay for comms!” General hooray!
My son: “Daddy, what that blue arrow?”
Corey: “He’s the ship that needs support.”
Me: “He’s a good guy, Matthew.”

Coming up on the major clusterfuck! With three torp tubes we take out one even while beaming another:

Pogue: “Ooh, he’s still flying! Tough guy!”
Me: “Good God, they’re all trying to kill us!!!”

BOOM! One more explosion. Pogue: “What was that?”
Denny: “It was one of my unguided nukes! It just flies around until it goes off.”

Now flying toward one more convoy of five baddies.
Alan: “They are turning towards us!”
We take out one… two… turn our rear shields towards them… and Denny makes an awesome lateral shot at someone off our port wing, taking them out in one shot! And we take out the last baddie with an awesome rear beam (thank you Mr. Very Awesome Dreadnought!)

Alan: “I’m going to try a quick warp jump here.” Back to a starbase for more energy and nukes!

And now a little guest journalism from Doug’s daughter Sian…

There are alot a red dots.
Oh my!
Your game is ending.

And in fact she was right – we took out the remaining squadron of baddies in awesomely short order, leading to VICTORY!!!

Matthew and Sian are happy.

Hi kids, Repo and I are swapping responsibilities, so I’ll be taking over journalist responsibility for now. Updates incoming.

So we’re starting up again with two ships, this time with dreadnought class ships. Ha, yes, we do learn from our mistakes. Eventually.

First we head for a singularity - it’s a huge swirling rainbow of a maelstrom and it looks beautiful! We’ll try to get a picture for you. Unfortunately the singularity has also caught the attention of big ugly alien tourists who don’t appreciate sharing the vista with us, so the Intrepid and Aegis (that’s our two ships, fyi) decide to take out the garbage. Not to be all racial about it.

Nuke gets dropped on top of one guy, he pops! Then we’ve got another! Nukes are a space guy’s best friend. But the last bad guy cloaks and we can’t spot him - so we kind of hang around and wait until he gets tired of laughing at us and drops back into view. Luckily for us, he exhibits extremely poor judgment and pops up directly in front of us, and takes direct fire from both ships. Explosions are much more satisfying disappearances than cloaks, but less green.

So we check out the screens, and there’s a single red dot on the radar - one bad guy against two dreadnoughts. This will be easy.