As far as Terrorists Go President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Dead Sexy

For a terrorist/Axis of Evil/Bush antagonist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is actually a relatively handsome man.

Compared to the mole plagued, dirty bearded, turban wearing infamous celebrities of the Middle East, Mahmoud is pretty damn attractive.

Dead Sexy and a Man of the People:

So Honest and Sincere:

Determination. Desire. A man who knows what he wants.

Finally someone is talking about this! Every time I see a news story about him, it’s like… Ok, I know he’s kind of a whacko, but he’s just so damned handsome. And warm, and friendly-looking, too. Look at this picture:

How can you be mad at that face? It’s like your adorable, slightly nutty uncle. You know, the one who’s a radical Shi’ite with a nuclear program.

Edit: Bonus! Here he is doing his best Peter Falk impression:

Wow, uh, this is a joke right?

Come on, dude, you can admit another man is attractive. It doesn’t make you gay or anything.

¡Usted decide!

Never joke about handsome men or insane politicians. Especially when they are handsome insane politicians.

Well, he IS better looking than our top dude…

You’re such a fag.

Don’t know about who’s better looking, but he does appear to be smarter than our “top dude”