Ascension - Circle of Beauty tournament

Tyjenks has defeated soonanother in the finals, and is champion!

Welcome to the Circle of Beauty Ascension tournament!

This is the sixth tournament in the Circle Cycle. Our previous winners are:

Circle Jerk - Diddums
Circle of Life - warthurton
Circle of Squares - deForrestation
Circle of Angels - Dave Perkins
Circle the Wagons - wilykat

GameCenter names can be found in the August league thread, with the exception of Hereafter, whose GC name is, of course, Thenafter!

[B]Round Six: Sex![/B]
oo Tyjenks
xo soondifferent
xx Boojum           - Way too much sex

[B]Round Five: Roosters![/B]
xx ColonelT         - Cooked up and served for brunch
oo soondifferent
xo Tyjenks
xo Boojum

[B]Round Four: Rainbows![/B]

xx OuchThatHurts    - Dissolves into an indigo mist
ox Tyjenks
oo Boojum
xx sinnick          - Vaporizes as the sun sets
oo ColonelT
xx wilykat          - Poops himself and giggles
oo soondifferent

[b]Round Three: Stars![/b]

xx Hereafter        - Collapses to a black hole
oo ColonelT
xx ddtibbs          - Streaks across the sky in a trail of tears
ox sinnick
oo Boojum
xo OuchThatHurts
xx Lantz            - No longer considered a planet
o. soondifferent
.x prolix
ox wilykat
oo Tyjenks

[B]Round Two: Mountains![/B]

xx aeneas          - Floated away in a cloud of feathers
oo ColonelT
xx Joe Bolt        - Turned into a rainbow by fairies
ox prolix
ox Lantz
oo Tyjenks
xx bigdruid        - Overcome by soft, squealing puppies
ox Boojum
ox soondifferent
ox wilykat
ox OuchThatHurts
oo Hereafter
xo ddtibbs
xx Lord_Twilight   - Burst into bloom with flaming red petals
oo sinnick

[B]Round One: Flowers![/B]

xo Boojum
xo wilykat
xo Hereafter
xx bandidoquest    - Claimed by weeping pegasus unicorns
oo Tyjenks
xo prolix
xx bigred          - Transformed into a curtain of bubbles
ox bigdruid
ox sinnick
oo Lantz
xx Dave Perkins    - Burst into colorful confetti
ox ColonelT
o. aeneas
.o soondifferent
xo Joe Bolt
xo Lord_Twilight
xo OuchThatHurts
xx Nixxter         - Dissolved into a harp glissando
oo ddtibbs

Q: How does it work?
A: In each round, everyone will be randomized, and will play a game against the opponent to either side. Anyone who loses both games is out!

Q: What if no one loses both games?
A: Armageddon! The player(s) with the worst cumulative win/loss ratio will be ousted.

Q: Can I use any deck(s) I want to when I challenge?
A: Yup!

Q: How does the tournament end?
A: When two people remain, they play each other in a best-of-three finals.

Q: I want to play but I missed the deadline! What should I do?
A: Most likely you should cry.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

You’re excited now… but wait till you hear that Round One is flowers!!!

I can’t wait for rainbows and unicorns!

I’d like to end my Ascension hiatus in a cloud of tulips and daffodils please!


Can I join the tourney? Pretty please?

Pretty yes!

I’ll join in on this one if it’s still open!

I’m watching your tournaments Dave. Never forget that.

If open still I’m in.



Does this mean that you want to play? (Yes!)


Consarnit, I thought Wiley was cheering my absolutely pitch perfect reply to the pic you gave me Dave. Not gonna lie, my feelings are a bit wounded.

[B]Round One: Flowers![/B]

.. Boojum
.. wilykat
.. Hereafter
.. bandidoquest
.. Tyjenks
.. prolix
.. bigred
.. bigdruid
.. sinnick
.. Lantz
.. Dave Perkins
.. ColonelT
.. aeneas
.. soondifferent
.. Joe Bolt
.. Lord_Twilight
.. OuchThatHurts
.. Nixxter
.. ddtibbs

Challenge the person below you in the list (ddtibbs challenges Boojum). We have begun! (OuchThatHurts, I don’t think Nixxter owns Storm of Souls.)

Challenge sent to ColonelT!