Ascension - Qt3 league

[shakes cane]

[nods silently in a somewhat respectful, somewhat patronizing way]

Tyjenks defeated me in a game that was rightfully mine. I had Adayu in hand and Samael was on the board when the game ended.

Mwahahaha! Our semi-rivalry from days gone by has been renewed!!! I definitely felt I was treading water and hoping my deck would come together in some useful fashion and that last turn or two did it. Just enough monsters hung around and the occasional use of the Snake Shaman did it, I guess. Good Game Gus and good to play you again!

Tyjenks over Gussmed 74-68.

Tyjenks that challenge is for this new school versus the fool’s school, not march playoffs. (Unless there’s a rule we have to play that first) I guess I’ll hold off on the other ones until I’m eliminated in the playoffs.

My strategy this round is to challenge everyone using CotG only. All these youngsters will be baffled as to why their decks are not cycling every turn.

On a side note, it appears that Star City Games is having a live Ascension tourney in Atlanta, GA on Sunday. Not sure if you have to register for their other events but if you are in the area it might be worthwhile: . Ascension info is about halfway down. $20 entry with first prize includes a Promo card with your likeness.

Came here to ask that. :) After we are done, I’ll issue the playoff challenge.

McTwitch78 over Tyjenks 81-70, causing him to break into his Party Rock celebatory dance. (I was told the cabbage patch was not new school)

Edit: wrong thread; sorry.

When does this bidness start? It seems like there’s still a lot going on with the March playoffs and Touch Arcade league.

Looks like Tyjenks decided that we’ve started already! I think the sides have equal-enough numbers that we’re good to continue.

Hey, those people challenged me. I am an innocent and just do what I’m told.

Wait, we were supposed to wait for a starting gun? No one told me when to run. Now I’m one day closer to death.

Not to worry. Just remember: the sun is the same, in a relative way.

My brother lost a game today…
never seen this score before :O
( i don’t see the picture here is the link: )

That was presumably hacked / bugged, right? Unless there’s some kind of infinite combo.

infinite combo…
want to see more pics?:D

I have never been infinite combo’d, thank goodness. I would have broken my general rule and gone ahead and forfeited.

There’s an extensive thread on BGG on the infinite loops possible in the game. Essentially, they’re about exhausting the Void deck, so when you discard something like Tablet of the Time’s Dawn, you can get it in the center by banishing monsters, buy it, use a card to draw it, play it, and then discard it again for another turn.