Ascension - The Circle of Angels Tournament

This is the fourth tournament in the Circle Cycle. Our previous winners are:

Circle Jerk - Diddums
Circle of Life - warthurton
Circle of Squares - deForrestation

[B]Round 5 - Angels of Trigonometry[/B]

Game 1: Sinnick challenges AT
Game 2:
Game 3: 

[B]Round 4 - Angels of Love[/B]

xo sinnick (SelfMadeSinnick)
xx Diddums (Diddums128)              [SoS] - Banished!
oo Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)       [SoS]

[B]Round 4 - Angels of Protection[/B]

xx Slainte Mhath (SlainteGC)         [SoS] - Banished!
xo sinnick (SelfMadeSinnick)
oo Diddums (Diddums128)              [SoS]
xo Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)       [SoS]

[B]Round 3 - Angels of Forgiveness[/B]

ox bandidoquest (gutenbergn)         [SoS] - [B]Armageddon'd![/B]
ox Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)       [SoS]
ox sinnick (SelfMadeSinnick)
ox Diddums (Diddums128)              [SoS]
ox Slainte Mhath (SlainteGC)         [SoS]
ox Ephraim (Ephraim)                 [SoS] - [B]Armageddon'd![/B]
ox prolix (unprolix)                 [SoS] - [B]Armageddon'd![/B]
ox Lantz (HHPre)                     [SoS] - [B]Armageddon'd![/B]

[B]Round 2 - Angels of Peace[/B]

ox Slainte Mhath (SlainteGC)         [SoS]
oo sinnick (SelfMadeSinnick)
ox Diddums (Diddums128)              [SoS]
xx G-Man (The Phantom Blot)                - Banished!
xo prolix (unprolix)                 [SoS]
oo Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)       [SoS]
ox Lantz (HHPre)                     [SoS]
xo Ephraim (Ephraim)                 [SoS]
xx dannimal (mrdannimal)             [SoS] - Banished!
ox bandidoquest (gutenbergn)         [SoS]

[B]Round 1 - Angels of Healing[/B]

xx Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher) [SoS] - Banished!
ox Lantz (HHPre)                     [SoS]
oo Diddums (Diddums128)              [SoS]
xx Tyjenks (Tyjenks)                 [SoS] - Banished!
xo bandidoquest (gutenbergn)         [SoS]
oo dannimal (mrdannimal)             [SoS]
xx Boojum (MadOverlord)              [SoS] - Banished!
oo sinnick (SelfMadeSinnick)
xx ddtibbs (CFDEngine15)             [SoS] - Banished!
ox Ephraim (Ephraim)                 [SoS]
oo G-Man (The Phantom Blot)
xo prolix (unprolix)                 [SoS]
xx fuzzyslug (fuzzyslug)             [SoS] - Banished!
oo Slainte Mhath (SlainteGC)         [SoS]
xo Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)       [SoS]

[SoS] players are willing to use the Storm of Souls deck.

Q: How does it work?
A: In each round, everyone will be randomized, and will play a game against the opponent to either side. Anyone who loses both games is out!

Q: What if no one loses both games?
A: Armageddon! The player(s) with the worst cumulative win/loss ratio will be ousted. (And I didn’t just make this up, Slainte. GOD gave us this rule.)

Q: Can I use any deck(s) I want to when I challenge?
A: Yup!

Q: How does the tournament end?
A: When two people remain, they play each other in a best-of-three finals.

Q: I want to play but I missed the deadline! What should I do?
A: Most likely you should cry.

Starting tomorrow!

[B]Round 1 - Angels of Healing[/B]

.. Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher) [SoS]
.. Lantz (HHPre)                     [SoS]
.. Diddums (Diddums128)              [SoS]
.. Tyjenks (Tyjenks)                 [SoS]
.. bandidoquest (gutenbergn)         [SoS]
.. dannimal (mrdannimal)             [SoS]
.. Boojum (MadOverlord)              [SoS]
.. sinnick (SelfMadeSinnick)
.. ddtibbs (CFDEngine15)
.. Ephraim (Ephraim)                 [SoS]
.. G-Man (The Phantom Blot)
.. prolix (unprolix)                 [SoS]
.. fuzzyslug (fuzzyslug)             [SoS]
.. Slainte Mhath (SlainteGC)         [SoS]
.. Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)       [SoS]

Challenge the player below you! I marked Storm of Souls players according to their status in the May league. Just let me know if I should change anything.

I’m challenging Justin to old school Ascension, as I have about one zillion SoS games going in the league.

You can change me to SoS, thereby assuring my swift exit.

Also, I challenge gutenbergn, but not SoS.

SoS challenge to HHPre.

Old school challenge to Sinnick

Great, I have to challenge the current May league leader for my first game. Geez, Dave if you didn’t want me in the league you could have just said so.

Prolix is the May leader?

Sounds good to me!

Challenge out to fuzzyslug (SoS)…

Challenge sent to Tyjenks!

challenge sent to Diddums128 old school style

Diddums over HHPre 62-54. Tense!

Challenge sent to Ephraim.

Please mark me as SoSable.

As soon as we finish our current game, G-man, I’ll rematch you and that’ll be my official challenge for this tournament. No SoS, as per our current set-up.

Challenge sent to dannimal (RotF + SoS).

For a few rounds, but you definitely out played me in that one. Great game.

Ephraim defeats ddtibbs, 54-57, in a game where I used the Avatar to kill the Sammael who took his place and yet never managed to do much after that. Great game!

I can see the future! By the way, bring your umbrella to work tomorrow.

I ain’t the leader of crap the way I’ve been playing. Nice work Blot.