"Asgard is really nice this time of year," says Thor

Title "Asgard is really nice this time of year," says Thor
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When December 15, 2011

Thor is what a pinball table would look like if the designer was getting paid by the color. It's got ice, and mountains, and lava, and a green ramp, and a dragon, and a golden city..

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He sounds like a spokesperson for the Asgard Chamber of Commerce.
“Asgard has affordable housing, quality schools, and a vibrant

haha .. my wife and I are just now getting a chance to start playing these and during our second run through she said, "Wow, Thor is really patriotic."

I'm liking each of the new boards well enough (meaning I haven't found any I immediately disliked) but I'm looking forward to playing them some more alone to get a better idea of how they play.