Asheron's Call 2 is back

The first was my first MMO love. The second sucked shit. Everything was broken and it burned up all the goodwill I had for Turbine.

AC2 improved quite a bit from the sucky launch. I am interested in trying it out again.

Wow, seriously? I am amazed. At this point probably a plurality of quest content is mine. I assume they are including everything up to and including the expansion.

It really was a dreadful launch, though. Despite the nice engine for the time and the great art (ibid), they made some horrible design decisions about not actually needing content; it took us on the live team over a year to get to the point that you could level without grinding your heart out doing the same thing over and over.

And then there was that insane fiasco with chat server Microsoft required us to use. It didn’t actually work. Text chat is like network programming Hello World, and those imbeciles in MS Games couldn’t get it to work. How can you play a MMO with no chat? Eventually Turbine wrote a new one from scratch, but by then there were low 5-figures subscribers.

I loved AC. EQ and AC kept me playing for a long time and enjoying the contrast between the 2 game systems. Though thinking about figuring out AC taper(?) combinations still makes me grumble.

AC2 was a disappointment, but I would love to revisit the world. The dungeons had some very cool design with big ramps and walkways.


AC2 was a disapointment in that most of “us” were hoping for a updated AC1. that said, some of the features were quite nice, being able to sell anything you looted immediately helped avoid inventory issues, and the whole rebuilding the landscape as well as the dungeons with the nice little extro on completion were great.

I recall it had awesome graphics at the time as well, with the HQ addon, something i’m glad to see they continued with in LOTRO.

The first Asherons Call was such an amazing game, and the devs were so involved and available, and quite often roaming around the game world. I will never forget the defense of the shard event in AC, we were the only server to actually keep the shard alive for the entire month, and it was a gaming experience I’ve never had before, and I’m quite sure will never have again. Amazing game.

Here’s hoping things go well for them, I’ve always really liked Turbine.

Good point on the end of dungeon “extros”, instant0. They were cool. I had forgotten about those.

I’m downloading the launcher. But it’s slooooooow.

Will probably have to wait until tomorrow to give it a try.


I literally looked at my AC2 shirt in my pajama drawer just the other night and sighed.

This will go badly for me, I’m sure. Thank god all the other MMOs to which I’m subscribed are now F2P.

Hmmm…it’s not clear how to create a Turbine account without a CD Key.

I wonder if my old press pass credentials still work. Jess set me up with a press account like…8 years ago. JESUS CHRIST I’M OLD.

Neurons firing. Now I’m remembering I had a crush on a Turbine worker while I was covering them in the press…Lorien? I don’t recall if that’s right any more.

Oh yeah, I remember her :)

AC was my first MMO. Never played 2. Is it worth it? Obviously I mean timewise as free is always good.

It’s not really free. AC costs 12.95 a month to play (!!) …seriously, what?

And you need an active AC account in order to play AC2. I might do this for a month, and then cancel.

I’m kind of hoping this is a pilot with an eye to resurrecting it all the way as a standalone free-to-play experience like LOTRO and DDO. As someone who only played Asheron’s Call for like an hour one day long after its heyday (literally the only player I saw the entire time was a single high level character running through the newbie zone to somewhere else, who paused just long enough to drop a handful of insanely powerful buffs on me.) and missed AC2 entirely, I have no idea at all if I’d enjoy it, but just the idea of an MMO coming back to life for once makes me happy. Just not happy enough to sub to AC1 to play it.

This sounded good till I read that your old characters are gone. I had a high level Feral Intendent with something like 10 million space bucks. This game would not be alot of fun to begin from the beginning again.

I was not expecting this at all.

Unfortunately, I refuse to subscribe to AC1. That game ate years of my life and don’t even want to think of being able to touch it.

Chat/messaging/mail were horribly broken the first few months. You could not enter structures. Music jamming system by Jason Booth was awesome. I remember loathing the rest of the game.

Aside from the nostalgia, why would anyone want to play AC2?

Apparently there is a 14 day free trial to Asherons Call - Use that and get access to Asherons Call 2 as well :-)

Someone made a video last night of people jamming:

The music system remains very cool.


Enjoy! Someday I’ll tell the story how this happened.