Asheron's Call 2 update

So at this point, I’m level 27, and have done all the vaults and quests that I can. Tomorrow I will be level 28 when my quest timers reset. The game is holding my interest partly because of friends playing, partly for unknown reasons. I think the varied terrain, different kinds of monsters, and my character’s uberness all have something to do with it. I am so used to being gimped in Anarchy Online that having a halfway decent soloing character is a bit of a pleasant change.

The December patch was actually pretty good, fixing various little misfeatures, and adding some semi-interesting content.

On the other hand, there are clearly still a number of problems with the game. Possibly the next patch will fix various minor problems, but still, there are really only two things to do in AC2 – craft items, and kill things. The former is not all that interesting in and of itself, and the latter can’t stay interesting forever. The quests all involve either touching a series of locations or killing a series of monsters, and have no dialogues, branching paths, or anything like that. AO missions are much worse than AC2 quests, but Earth & Beyond missions are much better, and typical LPMud quests (at least the ones I used to make and play in) are also much better. Black Isle/Bioware style quests shouldn’t be all that impossible to code for MMORPGs, yet I haven’t seen them yet to speak of (E&B is the closest, but are generally much simpler.)

Anyhow, I continue to be

Miramon@Frostfell, human mage

But the game world is so… empty. I’ve really lost all interest in this game. It’s mechanically very proficient, but it has so little character and so little content. For a game that is supposed to be heavy on the narrative, it seem ironic that I can sum up everything I know about the history of the world and the game story in about twenty words.

Even with the December update, it still feels like the same game that I’ve been playing since EverQuest, and I think that’s a real problem. I was already tired of the game the moment I first booted it up. It grew on me some from there, but overall I found it to be an overwhelmingly vanilla experience.

Mine’s still in the box… I figure I’ll give them six months to beef it up and respond to feedback before I try the included month.

(That, and I barely have time for single-player games right now anyway. :-) )

In the meantime play Dark Age of Camelot. Wardens Rule!

The last time I played was Christmas Eve. It wasn’t a conscious decision to stop playing, but between playing the console games I got as gifts (Metroid, Animal Crossing, Super Monkey Ball 2, Mortal Kombat:DA) and rediscovering a game I woefully neglected when I bought it long ago (Warlords Battlecry 2), I just didn’t have the time or desire to jump back in and fight dillos over and over (I’m 34th level Tummie Invoker).

I keep telling myself I’ll play again, maybe tonight, but I don’t feel like I’m missing much not being there.

Tummie Invoker?

Rise, chunks of partly digested nutrition… Rise!

I’d ask for a cure for a stomach ache, but I suppose I need a Tummie Healer for that.

I have a friend who’s got an interview at Turbine on Monday for a programming job. He’d never played AC or AC2, so, in order to say, “Sure, I play AC2!” at the interview he went out and got it.

But he primarily uses a laptop, and his laptop’s video card didn’t have 16MB of memory.

So he went out and spent $1200 on a new computer that would run AC2. His opinion of the game after one week? “It’s okay, I guess.”

Here’s hoping he gets the job.

Hey Dean,

Tell him to get himself a copy of Battlefield 1942 to heal the pain.

Is this the same guy I met playing Battlezone (which is still a great game!)? Tell him good luck.