Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games

This Genesis campaign seems like a step up in difficulty suddenly :/ Maybe I’ve just forgotten how to play the post humans. The first mission keeps kicking my rear.

Finally made it through the campaigns. The first and penultimate missions in Genesis are real doozies.

I liked it overall - I liked the explicit link between map control and resources in particular. The dumb reinforcement problem is a killer though, and even trying to move units between armies to better match source and destination is awful. Later in games I often felt this system was defeating me with its wtf behaviour, rather than anything the enemy was doing…

Hey, Ashes fans!

We are getting ready to release a major v3.0 update on February 4th, which is an overhaul of the game’s balance, with nothing left untouched - this includes units, buildings, orbital abilities, and lots more.

We’re really excited about v3.0 here because of how absolutely massive it is. It brings a new benchmark, performance optimizations, and major improvements to visual effects. New maps, campaign adjustments, and much more are also included.

This update is, quite literally, game changing - if it’s been awhile since you’ve given Ashes a try, now is a great time to take a look at it again. Both game factions have had their units and buildings carefully balanced against each other. Rather than just adjusting hit points and unit cost, v3.0 focuses on giving each unit a unique role to play. The AI has also been updated significantly.

You can learn more about the update on our forums if you like. It’s in beta right now under “opt-in v2.99 Preview” if you don’t want to wait a week for the official release. Enjoy!

Awesome! Looking forward to it :)

Nice, looking forward to this. I loved Ashes on release and devoured the campaign, but I haven’t been back in a while even though I keep it installed on my PC. Sounds like the perfect time to see what has changed since my last play and I am in the mood for some RTS action.

Ohhh excellent, looking forward to it. Thanks for the heads up!

My group played some Ashes a year ago, and we like the game, but it kept crashing in multiplayer. I don’t see anything about crash fixes in the changelogs from the past year. There are many crash reports on Steam and the official forums with zero support happening. If the crashes don’t get fixed, all the massively updated stuff is worthless to us.

Awesome. I have a shiny new GPU that makes this a good time to jump back in - I only did a dozen hours of skirmishes at release as my system had trouble keeping up…

Interesting that this is still being worked on. Too bad we never saw things like new factions and the like, but the RTS genre isn’t exactly booming at the moment so it’s understandable.

If we played the original campaign and had both versions prior to the merge (that’s me), where should we start?

Have the campaigns been updated to illustrate these changes and introduce the updated units and usage, or do we just need to jump into skirmish mode?


I could never get into this game.

This is a good game for coop vs AI. It’s still one of our go-tos for our Lan parties (sweet sweet pre-Covid Lan parties … sigh)

Hey might there be a sale on the DLC to go along with this patch?

I see that patch is up on Steam. Yay!

I am with @BrianRubin, and chance of a DLC sale? I see the main game and the full bundle is on sale, but I am not sure I need the e-book or the soundtrack. I could go for some of the DLC map packs (if I understood them more) and I have had my eye on the Hunter expansion for awhile.

Hi guys! Yes, the patch is up on Steam and ready for all of you! We do have a sale - 55% off - on the base game today, but the DLC isn’t included in that right now.

We have a trailer for v3.0, which you can see here, and the very lengthy changelog on our forums, too. We would love to hear what you think of all the updates and changes, so please let me know your thoughts as you play!

Sorry about my delayed response, Pyper, I missed your question last week! The campaigns have been tested to make sure they still work properly and have been adjusted as needed (which you can see more specifics on in the changelog). The campaign missions are not fundamentally different from what they were before, so there’s no need to replay them again.

The campaign does however use most of the same units and structures as the skirmish mode, so all of the balance changes we made will apply within the campaign there. Hope that answers your question!

Very cool, thanks for the heads up! Looks great

Well that seems like a wasted opportunity. Ah well. Thanks for the answer!


Maybe we need to get MP Monday’s going again…

What do you know, a new PC and this game is very cool to play all these years later, with some 60 FPS on pretty high settings. Appreciate the bump to this thread and the 3.0 update, finally making my way through the campaign.