Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


Oh! Some of these sound pretty exciting!


I could maybe try a multiplayer game for the first time if anyone’s interested. Maybe a comp-stomp after the next update?


Managing designer Callum McCole showcases the second mission in the Genesis Campaign on the Much Harder difficulty.


Big v2.4 update coming this month with Vulkan support, UI and balance improvements, improved modding capabilities, and a free Co-Op Map Pack DLC!

More info here:



Great news.


Is the metaverse having issues? Went to try and look at a replay for a player in the ladder, and clicking it doesn’t seem to do anything. It takes a long time for the list to populate initially as well.


I think there was an issue over the weekend, but it should have been resolved.


The v2.4 update with Vulkan Support, and Free Co-Op Map Pack DLC is out today! The game is also on sale through the weekend up to 50% off. :)

Full update details here:

Update trailer:

Co-Op map pack overview:


Thanks for the continued support on this game. The free map pack is especially a nice treat!


Very nice, I’m really interested in the co-op map pack.


We have an Escalation v2.5 dev journal video about the new juggernauts and the rest of what’s coming up when we release v2.5!


I could be up for trying it next week/weekend (evenings PST). Pyperkub on Steam


Venturebeat Interviews Stardock’s VP of Entertainment Derek Paxton about Vulkan API.


Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Free Juggernaut DLC and v2.5 update now available! The free juggernaut DLC contains massive new warships and the v2.5 update makes improvements to modding, gameplay, and more!

See the overview video here:

More info and full changelog here.


Ooo, nice, I’m going to fire this up this weekend.


There’s a community comp stomp happening tomorrow which they’ll be playing with the v2.5 update.


I’ve been taking stabs at this over the last few weeks, and quite like it. I prefer single player so I’m doing the first campaign - made it to the last planet… but does anybody have tips for single player? Kind of getting trounced, now. I’m still learning units and stuff and what techniques work.

The combat units kind of seem useless for defense - building the fixed gun things with the engineers seems to work way better than keeping any forces in reserve. Is that the right approach?

I’m also thinking I need to use the game speed slow-down option, now - I’m not keeping up with the computer, anymore. I got too much to build!


We’re going to have an Escalation stream around 8pm ET with the designer on the Steam stream.

Stardock VP Derek Paxton will talk about modding around 5:30pm on the stream.

And it’s on sale! :)


September dev journal is out and show off some concept art for the upcoming Air Transports. :)


The good and the bad!

Naval? Ooooh.

This is a trend that I’ve been seeing across the updates that I’m really not a fan of. I constantly see notes along the lines of “PHC can do X but Substrate can’t, so Substrate can do X” or “Substrate isn’t good at Y but PHC is great at Y, so Substrate are better at Y”.

I hate it. There’s only two factions as it is, conceptually I feel like factions should have more “unfair” advantages in certain areas, balanced by “unfair” weaknesses in other. The two factions have always felt way, way, too similar at first blush as it is. They lack the distinction of even something like GDI vs Nod from 20+ years ago. I feel like the Ashes take on that would be to complain that GDI doesn’t have stealth units and Nod doesn’t have anything to stand up to a Mammoth, so they each get their own to bring them to parity.

It’s all dreadfully boring, which is a far worse problem than having balance issues, IMO. I’m sure it’s applauded by the tiny competitive community, but it’s a yawn for someone like me.