Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


We have a quick video showing off the new Strategic Zoom feature. :)


Thanks. Well today was Stardock day on my credit card LOL


GameWatcher has compiled lots of info about Escalation if anyone needs an overview. :)


We have an Escalation stream coming up at 2pm ET today. Going to be playing some MP.


We have a new Escalation dev journal up today which takes a look at some of the AI options that will be available in Escalation.


I love the introduction of AI personalities. Can’t wait to try them out. I am very happy that the solo parts of the game are being fleshed out and enhanced.


There any release date besides “Fall” for this one yet?


November 10th. :)


One more week, nice! I already bought it, just been waiting for the dang thing to download. :)


Oh darn it. I though it was supposed to come out tomorrow? It does say November 3 on main page.

edit… oh I see that was projected back in Sept. Boo! Wanted to play with it tomorrow.


It was tentatively set for today, but was pushed back.

Brad’s post about it:

I pushed the release date back one week. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on balance and wanted a few extra days to test the balance changes with the campaign to make sure we didn’t make a given mission too hard.

When we released Ashes, we got a lot of feedback that the campaign was too hard (when it was first released). We want to be really careful that we find that nice middle ground for the default.


Amusingly, I actually had to go tone down the AI in the original campaign last week (which you also get if you buy Escalation) because it had gotten too hard with all the development since 1.0.


The v1.41 update went out today with some fixes to unit formations and responsiveness.


  • Fixed a problem where the Prometheus wasn’t firing at T1 Units

  • Improve army movement through gaps and areas of high traffic, especially for armies with T3s

  • Shrank the size of the T3’s collision area to aid in formations and unit collisions

  • When following a capture order, ignore enemies that are not in the targeted capture region. Improves unit responsiveness when the player is giving commands to go somewhere.


Brad also put out his big November dev diary for Ashes.


I haven’t picked up Ashes yet, more through a lack of time to play it than anything else, but I love reading these updates.

Does anyone have a link to a good introductory/taster video, one that could potentially sell the game to a friend? :-) He’s a TA and C&C fan and hasn’t played an RTS in years and this seems like a good re-entry game, for both of us.


Oh, this is good idea.


Tournament Edition

Early next year we are going to create a Tournament Edition of the game. This version will initially be only available to Ashes players to share with 4 friends for free. Ashes of the Singularity: Tournament will be a multiplayer only version of the game to help encourage a bigger multiplayer community.

We still expect 90% of the player base to play the game exclusively single player but we do want to make sure there is a really strong multiplayer community as well. [/quote]


Starcraft style spawning? Hell yiss.

Seriously, this will be very cool for when I have friends over.


DGA is one of the first to have a Let’s Play up for Escalation.


Excellent, cheers!


We’re going to be playing some multiplayer matches in Escalation soon on Twitch at 2pm ET. :)