Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


This launches today? Please? I need to see things blow up right now.


Be careful of what you wish for.


There’s an issue with Steam so we’re just waiting for that to get resolved.


Hah, you’re right. Please allow me to be more specific: I need to see things blow up in a video game right now!



Any word on Vulkan?

Edit: Got answer on Twitch, cheers. “WIP” I guess the answer is :-)


Brad is streaming Escalation on Twitch right now. :)


And it is live on Steam!



It’s live now.

IGN review just came in

I always lurk. Also, I haven’t posted in the other forum here but it’s almost honey time (harvest is over).


Ashes didn’t really grab me, but Escalation is doing a much better job thus far (this is just Skirmish, RTS campaigns aren’t my bag typically). I haven’t played Ashes in a while so I haven’t seen what all the updates brought along the way, but everything looks and feels better and cleaner. I’m also really loving the additional defenses and building upgrades!!

One question: Is there a way to specify which factories to produce units from when ordering them from an Army? I had an Army out in the field and it was quite a ways from my base, so I moved a constructor unit out there to build some frontline production facilities. I then requested a cruiser from my Army, but it queued it up way back at my original base, not the factory they were right next to (note: I wasn’t building anything else at the time, in any of the factories). Is there a way I can say “Hey, use the factory right next to you, dummy!” ?


In that case, maybe you noticed the discussions in the Servo thread? It would be nice if you could post some sort of official response, even if it’s a simple “Tough luck, Steam players” sort of thing. (I also PM’ed you a few weeks ago.)


Should I uninstall the original Ashes and just have Escalation installed?


I did, works like charm, except I started a game, and before I even got to meet the opponent, they had won on points or something boring.

I mean, I had one small skirmish…maybe I suck, but I was capturing as fast as I could…I think the default conditions are a bit off. I’d prefer fight to the finish imho.


You just need to pay attention to the Turinium locations, that’s what you fight over.


Re Servo:

I have previously responded to that topic. Servo early access customers will be eligible to get Star Control: Origins for free. We’re working on the sign-up form.

Servo: Sci-fi RTS from Age of Empires creators

You’re a good dude, Brad.


That’s surprising, but you can turn off VP victory (or set the victory threshold) in the skirmish lobby.

Also, I would highly suggest either trying the campaigns or playing against lower than “normal” AI at least until you learn the basics.

Also, your factories can repeat their build queues. It’s unusual for me to have factories that are not set to repeat.


Hey, @Adam_B, say you had new players who were looking to play the game for the very first time. If you had to sum up the PHC and Substrate factions in a bite-sized way, how would you describe them?


Yes, Brad, many thanks.

As regards Escalation: what are people’s opinions about the campaign? Steam reviews suggest that while they’re improvement over vanilla, they still leave something to be desired (surprise, surprise), but I’ve gathered they offer some interesting wrinkles and aren’t just skirmish maps strung together. Any opinions on the missions?


PHC: Armored, long-range, smashy-smashy.

SS: Shielded, tricksy, diverse.

There’s a hell of a lot more to it than that, but I’m guessing you’re looking for a super broad overview so as to help decide which flavor sounds more appealing.

Several, yes ;)


Yep, thank you. Gonna show the game to a couple people and I know their first question when playing the game is going to be “What faction should I play, what are they like?”.

BTW, if it’s not there anywhere in-game, having a paragraph or two description of Substrate and PHC would be helpful in the MP/skirmish lobby. Just a tooltip when selecting your faction would probably be sufficient, similar to how Civ6 will show you information regarding the leader you are choosing. I think it would help give people a little direction in how they should approach the game initially, if they’re not the type to play campaigns.