Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


So all your DLC carried over too Janster?


Yes I would love to know this too.

I have passed on purchasing Ashes DLC several times since I wasn’t sure there would be any carryover.


I was going to answer with what I think the answer is, but that would be silly because @Island_Dog can do it properly.

I know we’re trying to do right by players in general, but I’m not really on the publishing side any more.


Ashes DLC will carryover to Escalation. They just need to be updated for Escalation first.

Also wanted to note that early adopters for base Ashes will also get free season pass for Escalation DLC.


Wait…What? Owners of base Ashes with no DLC get the “season pass” for Escalation?

How does that work?


Pretty sure he means the Founders Edition people who paid $99 or whatever on the promise of “all DLC forever for free” for Ashes back before release.

I mean, someone has to pay for people like me to actually make the DLCs and such ;)


OK. Whew! That makes a lot more sense.


re DLC:

All of it gets carried over. I’m not sure if it’s turned on.

Here’s what Steam looks like for me:

Now, it might only look this way because I had admin access. But the point is that all the DLC you bought from Ashes goes directly over.

NEW DLC we make will automatically get added to the accounts of early adopters of the base game too.


I like the turtle DLC and was confused why I didn’t see it in escalation… But then again I was playing after I took my Ambien last night so it could be I’d hit my “unable to find basic buttons” phase of Ambien- moronity. When I get back from Doctor will check to see if I can turtle in the new game with a functioning brain :)


FYI - DLC like Turtle Wars did not carry over :(


It’s my understanding base Ashes DLC needs to be updated first for Escalation. I don’t think it has been done yet, but should be soon.


Patch 2.01 was released today with a bunch of fixes and improvements for Escalation. :)

Full changelog:


Brad has a new article up about multiplayer and a tournament edition of Ashes. Definitely would like to hear feedback on this. :)


I have question regarding this limitation on a proposed Tournament Edition:

I own Escalation. If I had some guests over or otherwise wanted to play with friends, could I give them a couple copies of the Tournament edition and could we play MP vs bots if I’m the host?

I guess what I’m asking is: is the AI bot restriction only for Tournament edition when they’re hosting, or is it a global ban where they cannot play vs bots at all, even when joining my MP game?


Link ends up dumping me to the corporate solutions page. This one should work (not sure if it’s actually a whitepaper however).


Has the upgrades stuff always required hitting a button to bring up the tab? My recollection from before was that it was there already when you selected the base. Just grabbed escalation and played my first game in a while.


There were no upgrades before Escalation.


I think maybe he was referring to the quanta upgrades.


Yes, the quanta upgrades like Logistics level 1, 2, 3… My memory was that you could see those buttons before when selecting the base, but now you have to click the little blue icon for the quanta upgrades first to have that tab pop up.


I think I’ve always had to use hotkeys to switch to the research, depending on what I had selected, but I could be wrong. I didn’t play a ton of the base game, but my muscle memory didn’t feel off when playing the expansion.