Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


Will the DLC for the base game ever be available for purchase for for owners of just Escalation?


So…is the correct entry path for this game to buy Escalation then pick up Ashes DLC?


As of now you can’t buy the Ashes DLC without the base Ashes. That’s why I was asking above if they are going to make the DLC available for purchase if you just own Escalation.


At this point, we need a complete edition. :p


About to start Multiplayer Friday.

I’m streaming it at

If you’d like to get together and play some MP let me know.


That’d be a lot of fun, but alas, I’m in the mountain west and will be in the office for some time still.

This game really is great in MP, though. And I only do the Weenie MP league (i.e. I play compstomps with my friend against the computer). The AI in this is really great and they’ve really given the host a ton of tools to customize the difficulty the way you want. You can set AI personalities, set many difficulty levels and even resource handicaps on a player-by-player basis. My friend was new to the game, so I gave him double resources so he could get up and running quickly and experiment with the game.


Brad, please tell her fans of the game are pulling for her. I hope she will be OK.




Brad has a new journal up with a preview of some upcoming things in 2017 for Ashes. :)


You had me at Juggernauts.

Plus, have I mentioned how much I sincerely appreciate the feature to set team start locations in Ashes of the Singularity? :D GOTY 2016!

EDIT: Wait, the Juggernauts and new dreads and other units are going to be free?!?


“All of the above will be released as FREE DLC for both players of the base game and Escalation”



We’re also doing Fans vs. Devs today at 4pm ET, so if you are available come play some matches with us. :)


December dev diary is up and is a pretty big one. :)


Wow. Brad’s enthusiasm for the project is really something. I’m really excited to see where Ashes goes in 2017 and beyond. That’s some really exciting stuff he talks about.


Both base Ashes and Escalation are on sale on Steam for the winter sale. :)


Brad has posted the January dev update for Escalation with info on the DLC migration, upcoming updates, and more. :)


Just a quick question: Sins Rebellion, GalCiv3, Offworld, and the original Ashes show up with that new Stardock Launcher. Is this something Escalation will get added to?


If you have Escalation installed I believe the launcher will launch that as default. I’m not sure if it will be entered as a separate game since it’s an expansion. I’ll have to ask about that.


New dev diary takes a look at some of the new units being worked on. :)


That looks ominous.