Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


Do you have a solid date for when the DLC maps are moving to Escalation and/or when everything is merged? I could be mixing up my games but I thought maybe it was happening soon? Like Feb twenty something?


By my eyes, it looks like it happened today.


Holy cow talk about timing! That updated right after (maybe during) my posting. OK dumb question. The whole merging of Escalation and non. Is that part of what happened today? I bought both of them and everything separate so I don’t know what other people are seeing or experiencing.


Yep, it was today. :)

All the details here:


I’d imagine I’m beating Island Dog to the punch with this:

EDIT: I’m leaving this as is. :)



I only owned base game AotS and base game AotS Escalation.

I checked the Escalation page, and I own all the DLC for it now (FREE!). :D

Is the original AotS steam page gone? I can’t find it on my phone.


Damn! I guess I have solid plans for the weekend now!


I know the intent was that vanilla Ashes would no longer be for sale. Presumably that means the store page is toast.

As always, love to hear what you guys think. I rejiggered and rebalanced all the DLC to work with Escalation, so hopefully it’s a good time.


I had read that back when it was posted but was unsure if what we saw today was just porting the DLC or if this was “the big merger”. :)

Awesome. OK, because I’m a pesky little tadpole - any rough estimate on the juggernaut? Is this a 1 month away kind of thing, or “big overhaul long ways to go 6+ months”?


I am glad it all got merged into 1 game, having 2 development paths was going to be dumb. :P


It is gone. :)


So is it just one game now, or is it possible for people to play the AotS subset of the game still within Escalation? I don’t think I saw anything in the menus that allowed that. This whole thing has been confusing, but whatevs as long as it still starts and I can blow things up.


You will still have the vanilla game and can play it if you like, but we’re only supporting Escalation going forward.


Good decision. And very happy to see my vanilla DLC in Escalation. :-)


For the important question no one has asked: Will playing Escalation give me Steam Trading Cards for the base game that is listed under Badges? It says I still have 2 I can earn.

(Yes it is silly, but I oddly like collecting them.)


I am very pleased to say that I have no idea whatsoever ;)


Ha, I’ll find out for myself when I play it again…so many games I keep meaning to get to…


I love the music in this game so much. When it is finished loading at launch and soundtrack begins - what a great feeling…


Unfortunately not. Since the cards are tied to the game. You can still play vanilla Ashes and get the cards from what I understand.


Ahh ok, thanks, Island_Dog.