Ashes of the Singularity: New RTS from Stardock and Oxide Games


Wow, I am getting trounced in Turtle Wars via Escalation. I feel a tad inadequate stating I’m playing at slow speed and cough below normal difficulty level. I don’t remember getting whipped so much in vanilla. Anyone else playing this scenario? Might like to swap strategies (though mine is obviously no longer working LOL)

BTW, is there a way to clear out my old campaign progress from “Imminent Crisis”? I’d like to start over from scratch with only the first planet available. I know they’re not contiguous or necessary, it’s just kind of an OCD thing since I want to replay the full deal.


Escalation v2.1 update now available with single player observer mode, map rebalancing, unranked match mode, and more!

Escalation is also 50% off on Steam for the next week. :)


@Island_Dog or @Brad_Wardell Is there any way to over-ride the maximum level of zoom in? It would be really nice to get more up-close and personal with the units. I realize this would probably break the air layer, but I wouldn’t care as it would be fun to play with anyways just to appreciate the art better. It would also go a long way towards helping those of us that have a difficult time differentiating all the units from each other. I’m thinking an ini file edit or something to keep it out of the hands of the general public so you don’t have to deal with additional support issues relating to it. But honestly, a checkbox switch would be quite appreciated, just add a note saying (won’t be able to utilize air units properly at max zoom).


Hold Shift, @jpinard


OMG THANK YOU! How awesome! :)

OK, one more for you. Is there a way I can assign Q and E to rotate my view instead of using my mouse? I’ve already switched map pan to WASD which is much better than cursor keys, but but I’m super used to Q & E for rotation and keep trying to utilize them with no go. Maybe this is another hidden thing I missed?


I don’t believe so, no.

Shift also lets you pitch the camera angle lower, btw. I use it all the time for screenshots, though our terrain system really doesn’t support it outside very carefully framed shots.


Let me put in an official request. Please let us rotate with Q & E. I’m sure I’m not alone. I’d also love to have the option of saving camera zoom/angle to hotkeys. So we would go from this gorgeous, gorgeous view, instantly to a more usable one, and then right back. It is literally like playing a new game playing with this combination of zoom & angle. It’s a more personal experience now, and if it stuck better it’d be nice. Sometimes when I hold shift and zoom in it stays, and sometimes it doesn’t. It resets upon rotate which would prefer it not do. A checkbox toggle in gameplay options for this would be nice (stick vs. reset).

Love it.


I have a Intel i5-3570k @3.40GHz, 8 gig of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760. Is that enough beef to play this game?

By the Steam page it is above minimum, but below recommended. I am not sure what that will really mean on performance though. I remember SupCom being chunky back in the day and don’t really want to have that experience again.

Also, which if any of the DLC is good with co-op vs AI in mind? The Turtle one maybe?


I can’t say for the video card, but this game runs great. It’s much better than Supcom. IIRC, that game had a bug where it would never dispose of AI “platoons” and the game would continue to bog down further and further as it progressed.

I haven’t tried any of the DLC coop, but there are good maps for coop in the base game.


Turtle for sure. I keep getting destroyed and it would be nice to try coop vs. computer. @Chaplin the nice thing about Steam refund is if your system can’t handle it you can ask for it back. That being said I think you’d be OK. It’s hard to say because the game performance is a much better (for me) than it was on release. So I don’t know if those are updates specs or the original specs.

Warning for you. The abstract terminology makes the game kind of impenetrable for a bit (unless you’re an RTS pro). Keep at it and it will finally click. The first campaign does an excellent job of feeding you the bits needed to overcome that hurdle. Also, use the pause button to issue orders etc until you’re comfortable. The one negative against the game is too many of the units lack enough character to identify them easily. Buildings are also so abstract it will take some time to learn as their shape and doodads don’t really give a hint as to what they do (outside of defensive structures). Give it time and you’ll get there though.


I think we got the big tooltip pass into the last patch, so hopefully that’ll help new folks.


@ 50% off I might jump on this this time…


$18 over on GMG


Just a couple days left for the sale. :)


The March dev journal for Ashes is up, and it covers what to expect in the v2.2 update. :)


I haven’t finished the whole post yet, but those are some pretty hefty balance changes. I’m no expert at the game, but some of them seem very needed. I’m just hoping you guys didn’t nerf the base defenses too much (I haven’t got to that section yet, but the initial intro made it sound like some nerfs to that aspect of the game were inbound).

Really looking forward to Ep3/Juggernauts!!!


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Ryzen update. :)


The Inception DLC was released today for Ashes: Escalation with a new type of split scenario, new maps, and more. :)