Asian Horror Movies?

I used to think that I didn’t like horror movies, but after seeing a few Asian ( I almost wrote Japanese, but The Eye is HK, I think) horror films, I think I may be hooked. It may be that I’ve confused horror with the slasher genre, but I was surprised that all three of these had interesting protagonists and were both scary and modern at the same time. There’s also a real attention to mood in these films (not unlike the Fatal Frame games) that I really like.

I’ve seen:

Dark Water
The Eye

What should be next on the list?

You might like Inner Senses, Whispering Corridors or A Tale of Two Sisters.

Kairo (aka “Pulse”) is another good Japanese one, about a haunted website.

I’ve always liked Memento Mori (Korean), but some think it’s too slow. It’s kind of like Carrie with a (very) softcore lesbian subplot.

Try ‘The Vortex’ (uzumaki), ‘The Evil Dead Trap’, ‘Tetsuo 1 and 2’, ‘Audition’ goes without saying, don’t forget the rest of the Ring series-‘Ring 2’ and ‘Ring 0’ (although it is worth ignoring ‘Rasen’. Also try ‘Toile no Hanako-san’ (the new version).