Assassin's Creed 2 for PC Problem

I tried to install AC2 onto my PC last night, three times. I have the Ultimate Collection version which included AC1 and AC2. One worked fine, no problems. Two seems to install okay. I am directed to UbiPlay (or whatever it is) and patches are downloaded and added but upon clicking the game icon at the end of this I just get a spinning cursor, and then nothing.

Do I have to maintain a link on line to play the game even in a single player mode? That is the one thing I didn’t try.

It looks like the problem I am having is not unusual as their are others on UbiSofts Forum site asking about it.

Just trying to put it up top in case someone with an answer missed it.

My copy purchased from Steam had to do all the updating of Uplay crap, but then I was able to start the game–connected. Then I disconnected and the Ubiplay thing told me as much and I told it to go offline and it started again, just fine.