Assassin's Creed 2 Spoiler Thread!

Go make a thread and see how much people care.

But you can go back and collect feathers/paintings/and stuff? I am trying to debate doing that before I finish the game or after if its available…

Go make a thread and see how much people care.

You mean, not everyone will agree with me? On the internet?! Heaven forbid!

BTW, I got killed in AC2 this morning because I was stuck in a corner, he wouldn’t lock on to any enemies and I couldn’t get the camera moved into a good spot to see what the hell was going on. Thanks Charles!!1!

Yeah you can keep playing after the game is over. That being said, I’m pretty sure there’s no achievements you can be locked out of by not getting them at the right time, as far as I know.

That’s a shame.

there was one I was referring to a few posts back - you get a trophy for kicking an archer off the roof during the flying machine sequence (“Fly Swatter”). Unless there’s a way to use the flying machine after you beat the game, you’d have to play through 2/3rds of the game to get back to that point…

This might not be the thread for it, but I’d like to get nitpicky with you. A lot of jRPGs have a “rage against the gods/heavens” sort of plotline, but that’s rarely a direct statement or attack on Western religion, as seems to be the case with AC2. It’s just that some Japanese games take that somewhat generic plot kernel and dress it up with Western religious trappings because to Japanese eyes that stuff looks “exotic.” See Xenogears for a good example of this: you’ve got an evil “religion” that looks like a stand-in for Catholicism, but it isn’t, really. In AC2, it actually is Catholicism, complete with Evil Pope.

there are flying machine side missions, I saw those icons during the game.

I just finished it (well, the main story + almost all of the side missions). Is getting all the feathers worth it? No way I’m doing it without using a guide, but at least it narrows it down by region.

The first game featured regular breaks from the past action to be boring desmond while the second game had a smaller number of actually substantial present bits. Given the bit they teased with Desmond being able to jump into Altair without the animus, I’m thinking the 3rd game will consist of more switching between different ancestors, possibly more than one ancestor. I enjoyed the “Prophet” stuff in the ending and with so many sites to visit there could be a LOT of different ancestors that get involved. Could be interesting.

The way that it skips Sequences makes me think there’s some DLC coming, and that lower section of Florence looked suspiciously detailed for being off limits. I will buy it.


I think you have to stay mostly historical with this series. Most of the fun comes with the hand to hand combat - once you introduce guns to the overall mix, I think it makes the concept weaker. Maybe - MAYBE something like the American Civil War where at least you had to really work just to get off one shot, but I don’t know about anything later than that. Fortunately, there are a lot of time periods left to cover.

Hell - I wouldn’t mind going back to Italy - Rome, Napes, Pompeii, circa 79 AD. I’m sure Vesuvius can be blamed on a Piece of Eden.

What! Where?!

I could see it going with some desmond actual action bits, maybe 30%, then the rest of that broken up by trips into the past. I wouldnt expect multiple pasts unless they go back to altair and enzio though, I cant see how they could do the detail required to keep up with AC2 if they did a bunch of eras in one game.

I realized at the start of this game that I don’t want to play as Desmond. That fight in the parking garage felt awful . I want to be the assassin character all the time.


I vote for AC3 to include bits in ancient Tibet at the end; ideally the final confrontation will be rock-paper-scissors with a previous Dalai Lama. We will also discover that Vedic’s boss is Roland Emmerich, or is he a double agent whose movies are all prophecy, meant as a metaphorical assassination of Templar-controlled entertainment? No one will be quite sure by the ending credits.

I enjoyed the endgame a lot more than AC1’s, though I really could have done without the mandatory couple blending corridors. Least favorite missions were the tailing missions (especially the thrill-a-minute “carry this box and don’t bump into a guard!” mission), and the unskippable-cutscenes-by-another-name of “walk with me across the neighborhood as I chatter at you.”

There’s a bit in the rpg-geek-service movie “The Gamers” where the players keep angering the DM by announcing they’re shooting the Bandit King during his monologue, until he finally throws up his hands and lets the fight happen. That popped into my head in a big way during the end credits.

Loved it overall. I expect to tool around in it some more to get all the glyphs and a few more of the achievements, though the 100-feathers thing will never happen.

I thought at the end that next possible locations could be: ancient Egypt, Mayan or Aztec civilization, Russia circa 1915, something with Genghis Khan, feudal Japan or a pan-Asian game. The main clue is that you have to find temples & they show a picture of a pyramid. There’s a lot of Egyptian iconography in the final temple scene.

I doubt it, for two reasons:

  1. We haven’t touched France or England yet.

  2. Not nearly enough tall buildings in the Wild West. :)

It didn’t feel awful until some LD at the last minute disabled all your moves. When you went in there three weeks before ship, you were as brutal and badass as you were in that first big fight with Ezio. A shame they changed it.

No way it will be in anything Asian outside of the Middle eastern area. Desmond does not look to have any Asian influence in his history, which sucks, because as I said in the other thread, a Ninja game under this title would work phenomenally.

True… he definitely looks like he could have some Egyptian blood, though.

We’ve already been to Jerusalem, it’s not that far fetched to say that he could have some relatives living further into Africa such as in Egypt.



That’s nuts. Maybe we’ll go to Atlantis next.