Assassin's Creed 2

Cause I’m tired of seeing that old mega-thread.


That’s actually really awesome, but … Will we be able to swim now?

Geeze, he looks less like an assassin than ever.

Those Spider-Man necklaces are awful. What is Marvel thinking?

Edit: Oh, and it looks great. I love the idea of the Renaissance as a setting. Presumably from the teaser released recently, DaVinci’s going to have some part in all of this. Please, oh please, stay away from Dan Brown-esque material.

Cool. hope it gets as good as nr.1

But bring on the Hudson Hawk!

I love the fact that Ubisoft is once again taking me to a place that’s unconventional in games. They could steal Origin’s old slogan at this point. We Create Worlds. Because seriously, over the last few years, just in this console generation? Mexico City, Las Vegas, 11th century Middle East, a fantasic persian-inspired city, a lush/arid/mountainous African setting, and now Renaissance-era Venice? Ubisoft’s internal development teams are so awesome. Thank you so much.

Apparently so.

I am totally up for this game.

More mission/side-quest variety, please. That was one of the only real faults of the first game (that and the broken stealth).

Other than that, I’m totally looking forward to this. I wonder if we’ll be able to glide between buildings with some sort of flying contraption?

I thought I read somewhere that swimming was doable this time around.

You can be an assassin without dressing in black pajamas and smoking hash, ya know.

Sides, dude looks to be about three seconds from a “Where mah money at, bitch?!” moment.

I’m definitely hoping for some double concealed blade stabbings to be going on, as that picture seems to infer.

Also, anyone ever try to have the frustratingly fun time of only fighting with your hidden blade? Awesome counters with that, plus they were almost all instant kills if timed correctly.

This is going to be so awesome.

And if it is not, it is Charles’ fault.

I could never get the timing down consistently enough to be successful. In fact, I think the only times I actually did perform the counters with the hidden blade were when I forgot I had it active, and thought I was about to duel with the sword. But yeah, it was cool.

I too am pretty fired up for what we’re going to get with this game. I really enjoyed the first one and I’m looking forward to where they take things with this sequel. Slightly disappointed that I’m hearing there won’t be pickpocket or eavesdropping missions – not so much that I loved them, but rather that I love a little variety in the mission structure so I hope there is something cool replacing those.

The two blades are for a double dose of pimpin’.

I hope in the third game another blade comes out of his eye.

Is Upgrayedd one of the new playable characters?

But of course.

You know, they were originally going to call it “Running Around Starting Fights and Drawing Attention to Yourself and Stabbing the Shit out of Everyone in Your Path Creed”, but that was obviously too long, which is why they settled for “Assassin’s Creed” instead. Which means basically the same thing.

Kind of like how in “Hitman”, you naturally play a Chinese jet pilot.

Sure, Altair is cool - but is he three-blades-cool?

Since most assassinations by the Hashashins were done in very public places, so as to send a message and spread terror of the organization, Altair’s behavior is actually pretty historically accurate.

Real knights probably didn’t fall for the “I’m totally just chilling on a bench with these dudes” trick, though.