Assassin's Creed 3

It’s been announced! And it’s set during the American Revolution.


(I had these in a spoiler tag, but Pogue COMMANDED me to take them out. Let me know if having them visible is too obnoxious and I’ll put them back under a spoiler.)

Hmmm, not as awesome as I was hoping.

This begs so many questions…

So presumably this hero is Native American, and we’ll learn that Desmond is of combined European and Native American heritage? Or will there be a new Desmond counterpart?

What are they going to use for the main urban hub? Philly? Boston? New York?

I anticipate more wilderness settings than we’ve seen in previous games. Probably at least one wooden fort to play around in too. And there’ll undoubtably be lots of founding fathers to interact with.

Is this going to be the foundation of another trilogy, ala AC2?

I have to admit, I was expecting AC3 to be in modern day New York, as they really seemed to have been setting the scene for that. I absolutely was not expecting the Revolutionary War…

Wow, so magazine covers are spoiler territory now? I am so out of step with what the kids are doing these days.

I really hope this marks a bit of a departure in gameplay just as much as it is a change in setting. I love the idea of warring secret societies guiding civilization in competing directions, and being a foot soldier in those struggles. I don’t know that I necessarily need to be Spiderman in every game, as long as there is cool stuff going on. So I’m onboard, if a little cautiously.

I used the spoiler tag because the images were large and obnoxious, not because of any semblance of secrecy. Having them visible by default in the initial post for what will hopefully be a long fruitful thread seemed impractical.

If you know of some way to control image size w/ the [img] tag, I’d be happy to shrink them and remove the spoiler tag.

One other thing that may be relevant is that if the main character is an American Indian then he’s by definition an outsider. That differs from Altair and Ezio, who were somewhat noble or at least well integrated with their respective societies. I am curious about how the player character’s social status plays out (or if it does at all, I am assuming they chose his race for a reason).

Let me guess, release date is september this year?

I don’t, but I guess I would be surprised if anyone considers those images’ inclusion obnoxious, even given their size. But you started the thread so it’s your call.

Not sure if this is to be believed, but Joystiq’s page says Oct 30, 2012.

What makes you think that? That’s no tomahawk, and he’s using it on a British grenadier, it appears.

I suppose Alexander Hamilton will be evil again. Based on the insufferably inane series of banking ads supposedly figuring him in my area (“I invented banking, you know”), I wouldn’t mind snuffing him. No doubt Nathan Hale is a fellow assassin, and Benedict Arnold is-- but I shouldn’t give the game away completely through mere intuition about it.

Maybe you can knock out poor old batty George III with a foam #1 finger in the final battle.

Remember that the whole frame story has it that we’re seeing the experiences of Desmond’s genetic ancestors. Ezio and Altair aren’t Native Americans, so in order for Desmond to be related to both of them and also some other dude in revolutionary America, the Ameridude must be at least part Italian.

Of course, he could be part Italian and part Native American.

The “Native American” bit seems to come from the assumption that only Native Americans can use tomahawks or bow and arrows during the Revolution. I would guess that these weapons were chosen because it makes more sense for a frontiersman to have an axe and a bow and arrow, rather than the sword and stack of hidden knives that a European nobleman would carry.

Actually there is a tomahawk in the game’s actual cover. I’ll try to find an image.

Someone born today has something like 1,024 ancestors who were alive in the revolutionary war period. There would be no difficulty in choosing anyone from George Washington to one of his slaves with some random happenstance sequence of matings. With so many bloodlines to choose from who might have happened to run into one another in a bar 25 years before the modern events of the story, any historical personage in the world could be one of Desmond’s ancestors.

Where’s his hidden blade?

That’s accurate.

I may have missed the memo but, Equis are you working on the game or just really well informed?


You’re right about the real-world genetics of how ancestry works… but I’m betting that the dramatic demands of fiction require that the Revolutionary assassin is a direct descendant of Ezio and ‘carries on the legacy’. Just like there had to be parts of Assassin’s Creed II that referred to Altair, there will have to be parts of Assassin’s Creed III that refer to Ezio. It’s more likely that the explanation for the American branch of the Assassins is that they traveled to the New World, carrying the torch handed down from Altair to Ezio to etc. etc., continuing the struggle against the Templars who also traveled to the New World.

After all, we’re working with the fictional version of genetics where the memories of your ancestors are embedded in your genes, waiting to be recreated as virtual re-enactments of medieval history. Only the dramatically-appropriate ancestral relations count.

I was hoping they were going to be able to dump Desmond when those comics with an Asian assassin came out near revelation’s release. Since they jump every couple hundred years with each change in protagonist, they only have like one era left between Desmond and George Washington, redcoat vampire hunter.