Assassins Creed 4 Pirates


Well, it’s more important than that. While the term ‘synchorize’ means that in this game lore, the more important aspect of it at those eagle markers is that it uncovers part of the map. Those eagle spots do the same thing for land-based maps that clearing a fort does for water maps.


Also - the ‘animus fragments’ - or as you called them ‘glowing diamonds’ - don’t really give you anything. They’re a collectible, and if you get them all, you may get an achievement out of it. They also might help for multiplayer, but I never played that, so I don’t remember for sure.


True. Also, I don’t have full knowledge of this, but synchronization also doubled for health in the first few games, from a gameplay perspective. I seem to recall that as you got more and more synchronized, it meant that full synchronization kept grow, and thus, in gameplay terms your max health kept growing too the farther you got in the game’s story. But I could be mis-remembering. It’s been a while since I played an AC game.


Only true for the first game. For the Ezio trilogy, upgrading armor did the trick. For AC3 - nothing you did increased your health - always thought that was a major failing. AC4 - you craft things using dead animal skins (obtained via hunting) to ultimately double your health (from 4 ‘bars’ to 8 after the 4 upgrades).


Having played Crackdown, I’m naturally drawn to glowing things above buildings. Good to know that they’re ignorable.


But if you don’t go up to the rooftops you could miss a sea shanty, and that would be a shame.


Which is the real reason to run around on rooftops like a drunken sailor.


“Leave her Johnnyyyy, Leaaaave Her, OooOOOOhhh, leave her Johnnyyyy, Leave her”…such a great, great song!


For reasons I don’t quite understand, I got through about 90% of AC4 back when it came out and just failed to finish it for some reason. I need to correct that.

Last events I recall:

Blackbeard’s death and the SHOCKER that the very androgynous pirate is in fact not time-traveling David Bowie but a woman. ;-)

That’s got to be pretty close to the end, right?


Sped through this during Easter. What a drag. There is the usual Ubisoft icon hunt. The RPG upgrade of your ship and home base etc. etc. Pirating is just boring. Ship boarding is boring and a drag. The on foot control is just shite, unresponsive and lacks finesse. So many times I want to jump up a wall but the game tells me that I want to hug the wall instead.

Edward as a character is less interesting than his supposed grandson because for most of the game he is just a brute murdering and pillaging across the West Indies. Historical fiction is right up my forte but this I just don’t care. (I can see that androgynous pirate reveal 10 nautical miles away!)

Yeah I played this because I heard lots of good things about it. I like AC3 but not this. Maybe this game just doesn’t age well.


Man, completely disagree about every single one of your points. I think this was the best in the series and fighting, naval combat and boarding were exciting and awesome. First game in a long time I liked the collecting, too. The underwater diving bell collecting was particularly cool, and whaling/fishing was superb.

This was like a dream game for me, and in my opinion easily the best pirate game ever made.


Great pirate game, not so great Ass Creed game.

I recall finding the overall story and ending mediocre.


Yeah, absolutely the very best in the AC serie - Maybe on par with Origins.


I admit I was also finding it fairly underwhelming in the early game, which is as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t have a single reason to care about the plot so far, and while a lot of people complained about the Desmond stuff in the previous games, that was my main hook, personally. This weird “be a game dev” stuff so far is not a viable substitute.

And I really fucking hate chasing the sea shanties. I’m sure they’re enjoyable to have but the mechanic of collecting them is complete horseshit.


Also, you sped through the entire game in one day? Man, to me that misses the point of an open world game. I like to explore and check out the world a bit, I usually get through as much of the opening tutorials as needed in this type of game and then relax and enjoy for a week or two.

Speeding through an open world game would ruin the game for me. I took my time with GTA V, for instance, and messed around a lot in between story missions, just doing bike jumps, playing around with the physics, trying out everything. Can I blow up the gas station? Yes. Can I buy something there? Yes. Can I rob it? Yes. Can I park a car in the entrance blocking all the cops and hole up in there for a while raising my star level? Yes. Am I going to find out the respawn mechanic while off mission? Yes.


I got it through in 3 days or so. Map full of icons just turns me off. Did a few side activities and they are just more of the same. Only the OCD part of me wants to complete them, but every other part of me says leave them alone.

Yeah pirates. Argh matey. (Painful rather than delightful growl).


What’s the best point in the story to just ignore the missions and go take over the world and do side-missions/collectible hunts forever?

Been doing a bit of that in Sequence 3 and it doesn’t seem like I’m really held back from going everywhere and doing anything I want, other than diving bell missions which need to be unlocked later.

Just curious if there’s an ideal point to abandon the story and let me map-clearing OCD take the wheel for a while.


Do you have a boat?

That point.


Yarrr, me map clearin’ OCD be one of me better typos.


It’s been a while since I played but I do recall certain forts being reset for story missions.