Assassin's Creed franchise Steam sale today (2/23/14)

Some QT3er mentioned one of the single player DLC might be worth it–was the Lost Archive DLC worth it?


None of the single-player DLC is good, IMHO, although I haven’t played the Black Flag DLC (Freedom Cry).

I wouldn’t say none of the AC single player DLC is worth it - the Da Vinci Disappearance from Brotherhod is ok. But I’m a huge fan of Brotherhood generally speaking, so may not be unbiased in the matter.

I guess “bad” is pushing it (not for Lost Archive, though, that really is bad) – just more of the same in games already bloated with repetitive missions.

Yeah I looked for Da Vinci DLC for my Steam Brotherhood but it’s only available as part of Deluxe edition.

As other people have mentioned, don’t get the Lost Archive DLC unless you want to listen to voiceovers while doing those silly puzzles. I put up a spoiler post a few years ago that tells you what you need to know. There’s a cool plot reveal in the DLC, but I got no pleasure from playing it.