Assassin's Creed II fans - Showtime's "Borgias"

It was only just announced but they have ordered a series based on the Borgias, taking place in the 1490’s. It’s going to be replacing the Tudors, which is coming to an end, mainly due to the fact that they’re running out of wives for Henry VIII.

Spoilers for Assassin’s Creed II follow!

Your favorite boxing pope will be played by none other than Jeremy Irons. Awesome!

I can’t wait! :D

I love how that press release manages to completely avoid mentioning Borgia’s day job.

There’s a decent documentary on the Medici family available on Netflix watch instantlyas well.

So, am I the only one who watched this? I suspect so.

It was pretty good, Jeremy Irons seemed a little detached, but the guy playing Cesare was great. It is fun to watch this series after having played AC2 and Brotherhood, as you get to see different points of view.

If you have Showtime it’s worth a gander at least.

It’s on my dvr, I’ll probably watch it tonight.

I have it tivoed, but hadn’t gotten to it yet.

Haha, same. We have it on our DVR and I’m sure my wife is going to insist we watch it tonight.

I watched it. I was not particularly impressed. I thought they tried to cram way too much emotional content in a premier episode. I’m already tired of what seems like a weak attempt to show Jeremy Irons as conflicted between maybe really being god fearing or just being a degenerate. It didn’t feel believable. They either need to spend more time on the god fearing stuff with more occasional (and difficult) lapses, or drop it and just have him be a Machiavellian bastard.

I agree with you, I’m used to the Rodrigo from AC2, so we’ll see. I will give it a few more episodes to see if it develops.

I kept waiting for a white robed figure to walk by and sneaky stab someone… that said, really enjoyed it though I had to force myself to realise that no, Ezio won’t be showing up because THERE ARE NO ASSASSINS in this story.

I felt the first episode was very meh. I expected lots of scheming, and aside from the bribing of the cardinals, it seemed like a lot of inept meddling plus excuses for sex scenes. Now, I love a good sex scene, but the bit with the assassin having sex with the maid was neither appealing nor logical. It was just there.

This shows how little I pay attention to story in games. I recognize the name ‘Borgia’ because of the towers I was taking down in Brotherhood but anything else is new to me. There were people with names in Assassin’s Creed? Huh. stab

I thought it incredibly dull. I didn’t realize it was an extended premier. Around the hour and twenty mark I thought: “This is fucking endless.” I hear later episodes are better but I’m out after one. It’s a good thing too as I’ll need the dvr space for The Killing and Game of Thrones.