Assassin's Creed Mirage - Basim's prequel to Valhalla

Keep in mind this game is the standalone before Infinity’s all-GaaS reimagining.

Supposedly mostly all in one city, a return to stealth gameplay, and most of the RPG Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla mechanics stripped out.

This sounds perfect to me.

My dreams, they are coming true.

Same here. I’m really looking forward to finding out more.

My AC backlog:

AC Unity
AC Rogue
AC Syndicate
AC Origins
AC Odyssey

I don’t own Valhalla yet, I figure my AC backlog is too big. But still, the original game is still my favorite, and the new one’s rumored to be similar, which sounds awesome.

Yeah, looks like with the new game coming out, it’s finally time for me to play Valhalla. Hopefully a new cheap version with all the add-ons is going to be released soon.

Man, that is my AC backlog exactly…including not owning Valhalla yet because it makes no sense to add to it.

I’ve had AC3 sitting on my hard drive for nearly a year. Can’t seem to make any progress in it, despite loving the previous trilogy.

The third one didn’t do anything for me. The next one though, Black Flag, I really liked. So I vote skip ahead :)

I am exactly opposite from Alistair - the third one might be my favorite and Black Flag was dumb. Hope that helps you figure things out!

Do yourself a favor and skip straight to Origin.

And as could be predicted from that response, I have no real interest in a throwback to the original games at this point. Too linear, too scripted, too much forced stealth - AC1 and the 2’s were good but the frustration level steadily increased until 3 which was controller-breakingly annoying. I guess if they actually get the balance right I’ll give it a look, but the more open approach of the later games requires a lot less faith in the designers.

Not that it matters anyway since no matter how this one performs the whole series is headed straight to GaaS hell for the forseeable future. If they ever come back to their senses, I’ll be pleased to jump back onboard.

Looking forward to this - my favorite AC games were the earlier ones.

I dunno. Most of the rankings I’ve seen have Black Flag rated very highly. PC Gamer has it as the best one of them all.

I may just finally give up on 3, though, given how long I’ve been stuck on it.

A lot of people liked it. I lasted 30 minutes. As ever, your mileage may vary.

Regardless, don’t get hung up on 3, which is pretty widely derided. I quit on that thing in one of the early instafail tutorials and never looked back.

And seriously, if you don’t gel with Black Flag, try Origin, which is a complete bottom-up redesign and functionally the beginning of a new (albeit short) game series of open world stealth-murder-RPG’s.

My problem with 3 isn’t that I don’t like it. I’ve really enjoyed it so far! I loved being this older gentleman who just sailed across the ocean. I loved all the landmark around Boston that mark all the historical places that no longer exist. But it’s just too hard. I have to fight so many British soldiers. I wish it had difficulty levels so I could put it on easy or something and just go through the story.

Wow, you have really managed to avoid spoilers haven’t you? Suffice it to say that if the “main character” is the only draw, you should definitely move on.

Sorry, I have to laugh @Rock8man, you aren’t even out of the tutorial.

Of the mainline AC games,

Played and finished:

Played some, but never finished:

Never played:

I think I own all of them in one way or another. My favorite was probably AC2, but I’ve really liked the investment in history in all of them and even enjoy the meta-fiction.

I loved those games, but yeah I think it’s well past time for the series to try something different again. Keen!

My friend, that is not a backlog, that is a franchise you don’t enjoy. There’s no shame in that, move on!



What’s that?