Assassin's Creed Mirage - Basim's prequel to Valhalla

I’d love those settings, but the issue at least for Japan would be: can they outdo Ghosts of Tsushima? I guess whatever era AC “Red” is set in is going to be different from the Sony game.

And also, one thing I love about AC games is the heights and climbing, which doesn’t always lend itself well to ancient settings. I’m horribly afraid of heights, so the climbing caters to that perfectly. One of the single most memorable AC moments I’ve had in the entire series is the modern-day setting in AC3 when you have to climb around the skyscraper. I can feel my stomach up in my mouth every time. (That’s a good/fun thing.)

I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of Ghost of Tsushima, looks like it’s a Playstation exclusive? Kind of cool looking though.

Rumors abound that it may find its way to PC at some point, like God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn did. Might show up when the sequel is announced for GoT2 perhaps?

Forgot about that one! That’s the one I’m looking forward to.

Those more modern settings would be cool. Syndicate is one of my favorite ACs due to the setting (and that incredible soundtrack, unlike any game I’ve played though as I type this I’m now kind of reminded of Arcanum’s soundtrack).

Ghost is fantastic. I really need to go back and finish it. It’s utilizes all the features of the PS5 controller and just oozes style. Hell you have collections that are just cosmetic things and it’s exciting because your dude looks so cool. Which kind of makes me wonder why I would want an AC game when it’s already been done so well. :)

Watchdogs is basically modern day AC. I wonder how Ghosts will hold up if it comes to PC later in the generation.

It is very cool. The combat is a bit complicated, but if you get it right you feel like a total badass. Plus it’s just gorgeous on a good 4K TV with HDR, especially my OLED one. :-). Probably my favorite Playstation exclusive.

Watching the ‘launch livestream’ for this, some of these faces look kind of Starfieldy.

Not to be all negative Nancy, but this just feels so DOA, maybe through no fault of it’s own, but AC burnout plus crowded field plus MOTS gameplay doesn’t scream Must Buy. I imagine it’s one of these solid “7/10” games that does nothing wrong but nothing especially right either.

I’m an unabashed AC fanboy, and honestly I feel the same way. And yeah, the face tech used here for some reason doesn’t even look as good as Odyssey, Origins, or even Unity or Syndicate. No idea what happened there.

Really? The visuals in the footage I’ve seen look on par with Odyssey and Origins, at least.

When I saw the first gameplay trailer for this I thought it was a remaster of the original.

I said something similar above. Faces lack detail, and the backgrounds just look like they’ve been rehashed from the other games.

There isn’t a wow factor like there was with the previous games. To be fair, I felt the same way about some of the scenery in Valhalla, but it turned out to be a beautiful looking game.

Review embargo dropped today. Currently sitting at 76 w/ 77 reviews in.


On the other hand…

From PCG. Seems like a classic “wait a few months for the massive Ubisoft discount” game. This, from Eurogamer, is really encouraging though:

It’s my biggest complaint with the modern ACs. Buildings aren’t puzzles any more.

Yeah, it sounds like if you’re looking for a very streamlined game steeped in the AC old-school ethos, there’s a lot to like here. Baghdad itself sounds like a good city setting to explore. But also, I’m seeing a lot of issues that the story is almost threadbare and there’s a definite lack of memorable characters.

I’ll get to it eventually, I suppose. But yeah, after a steep UbiSale.

For me the most important question is if the world is beautiful and nice to explore. There’s no AC game with a story that I’d like, and I only ever liked Odyssey gameplay (if only cause it’s only Diablo-style grind fest I’ve played in years so it felt fresh to me), but the whole series enchants me with its worlds. Only Unity, I think, managed to have gameplay and story annoying enough to take me out of the experience, AC3 was close too. Valhalla is a slog of a game but it still is a beauty. So that’s my bar for Mirage, make me want to walk these streets.

The reviews I’ve read certainly think so

If I have a quite month with a lot of time I may just subscribe to their service and bang the game out. I have so many other games that it certainly can wait a while. At least it’s not a total bomb.