Assassin's Creed Mirage - Basim's prequel to Valhalla

How about a CGI trailer? Everybody loves those, right?

They could not have picked a less interesting character for the protagonist. I have minimal interest in playing this as a result. I guess I’ll see if I’m sufficiently bored enough to drop $15 on Uplay+ for it.

I imagine I’m one of the few, if not the only one, that’s a little bummed by this news. I love the batshit insanity of the overarching mythology of the AC series and the way the present day story weaves into the historical aspects.

It’s not just Mirage that’s cutting the modern day stuff out. Ubi said that for Infinity, the AC games like Red and Hexe will feature no modern day gameplay. All modern stuff will be a separate thing in the Infinity hub.

Yeah, I’m bummed too. At first my thought was “oh, this is a great compromise, the people don’t like the modern story get it out their games, and people like me who like the modern day story still get it in the infinity hub”. But then I thought about it some more, and am I really going to go looking through the infinity hub and the connections between the modern day stuff and the historical stuff if it’s no longer part of the game? Doubtful. But maybe. It depends on their implementation, I guess, but I can’t imagine how they would make the Infinity hub as compelling as when that stuff was within the game.

At the very least I hope they keep the glitchy reminders within the games that you’re playing something in the Animus. That stuff really helps my immersion.

Meanwhile I’m delighted I’ll never have to deal with a modern day section ever again.

For someone who doesn’t really play AC games, what’s the deal with the modern-day stuff? Does that ever amount to anything or was it just a 10+ year JJ Abrams style mystery never to be explained? I played a couple of hours of AC1, and a couple of Odyssey, and that’s it.

I’d be delighted, but the change seems to coincide with shifts in gameplay and business model that mean I’ll likely never play it anyway. Too late, in other words.

I’m very skeptical, especially as I bounced off Valhalla pretty hard despite loving Odyssey, but I’m glad they’re mixing things up. And if they’re keeping the GaaS/multiplayer stuff in Infinity and out of the single player side I’ll be happy.

Two things the modern day stuff adds, in my opinion:

First, sure it’s pretty goofy but I enjoy the wraparound meta story of the Templars having become a global multimedia corporation, using technology and specifically video games to push its narrative through these “Assassin’s Creed” video games. I also like the weird angle of the Isu, the beings that lived on earth before humanity and ruled them as gods. They’re probably not abandoning the Isu, but sounds like they are segregating that content so that the historical tourists can just enjoy the old stuff.

Secondly, and more interestingly in my opinion, this loses a perspective that’s been critical though very understated in AC games - the idea that, through the animus, you aren’t playing events as they happened but rather the memories of the character you’re inhabiting, and events as that character remembered them. This allows them to do interesting things narratively - Assassin’s Creed 3 allowed you to see the same characters through different characters’ eyes, played once as heroes and again later as villains, because that’s how those characters perceived them. It also allows them to present things like ancient gods and mythological creatures in Origins and Odyssey, because those beings were real to the characters that lived in those times. My concern is that downplaying the animus and its connection between modern day and historical perspectives will cost the games these interesting perspectives.

Templar stuff and alien gods, gotcha. So it was explained to some degree.

To some degree, yes.

The second option. Every game you get some new element of ancient aliens or New World Order nonsense, but it will always end on a cliffhanger and the next game will pivot to some other Templar conspiracy. That isn’t really a problem because the entertainment value comes from how batshit crazy it all is, it’s not like anyone could get invested in the plot.

What is a problem is the current day “gameplay” is excruciatingly boring. Get pulled out of the game you’re playing to walk around a bland office, slowly. Listen to annoying NPC’s talk and talk and talk. Complete trivial but time consuming puzzles. Read some lore text. None of it is any good. Just let me play the game!

Yeah, that’s the one good thing about it, and the one thing that would definitely have been worth keeping. Unfortunately the gameplay associated with the modern sections was always a drag, and the exposition surrounding it in all the games has taken itself way too seriously and dragged on far too long.

In case anyone forgot, Ubisoft confirmed Mirage earlier than planned thanks to an extensive leak.

Just noticed this is listed for ‘only’ $50 for pre-order. Seems a little low. Shorter, or holding many mutually profitable opportunities within, perhaps.

No official announcement, but this has reportedly been delayed to August 2023.

Just noticed this is a cross gen title. Had hoped for some new gen city density.

Oh, I’m sure the denizens of the cities will be as dense as the “starecroppers” that populate Valhalla’s England.

In truth though I love these games for some reason.

Uhhh trailer for this dropped 2 days ago!

His finger looks pretty grody. Out October 12th supposedly. The game, not his finger. Well, his finger was out and that’s why it got cut off I guess, but that happened long before now.