Assassin's Creed Mirage - Basim's prequel to Valhalla

Also Cyberpunk 2077 expansion and kind of enhanced edition.

This fall season is looking promising. Or, to be cynical, looking to boost our expectations then crush them with despair.

Some youtubers got early access to play this for a few hours…and man, I dunnnnnnnno. Maybe it’s just my own expectations set too high, but those facial animations and the voice acting just kinda leaving me thinking that they’ve taken AC back to its roots in too many ways. Like, by making some elements here look like 2013.

It’s set in EDIT: Baghdad, right? Video game developers have not had a great track record I don’t think in doing Middle Eastern/Eastern Med voices (or much else) very well.

Baghdad. They did such a great job with Damascus in the first game (And Acre and Jerusalem), which is why I’m excited to visit Baghdad.

I have only made it through 4 games though. 7 in my backlog as a historical tourist that I do plan to visit, still. But it is tempting to skip them all for Baghdad.

I dunno how this is going to shake out with CP2077, BG3, and Starfield already crowding up the time.

If someone didn’t tell me it’s a new game I would think it’s footage of Origins. I don’t really mind if the gameplay is good. I’m pretty optimistic about this release so i’m sure to be disappointed. As the month is chock full of games it would help me to have a clunker in the bunch. Spider-man looks like a slam dunk to be awesome.

Wait, Basim has the Batman zipline thing from Syndicate? That’s kinda weird.

As someone who should be perfect for (since I really loved the early games and especially the first game’s setting and gameplay), this is really BAD timing. I don’t want to stop playing Starfield right now.

The only part that makes me nervous about the actual new game other than the release timing is that some preview I watched, or maybe it was something that came up in a Digital Foundry Direct, compared it to Assassin’s Creed II. That’s my least liked AC game! Don’t be like AC2!

Wow. AC II is when Assassin’s Creed became a game and not a glorified tech demo, IMHO.

But different strokes I guess.

Yeah, AC2 was revelatory compared to AC1. That and Brotherhood are the apex of the Ezio trilogy and the original AC gameplay and theme.

I kind of wish they’d return to the somewhat puzzle-y nature of the assassinations the first game had but yeah, subsequent games got the formula pretty well perfected.

Eh, I’ll get it because I like the last three or four or five AC games. And the setting. And because I’m a masochist.

AC Brotherhood got it perfect, but I really didn’t like the flow of AC2. Both in Florence, where there so many bottlenecks near the big church, and the first Venice area where there were bottlenecks galore. Both the first AC and Brotherhood had really good routes on the ground, and on the rooftops, with multiple routes across the cities that flowed well for their “parkour” part. AC2 was the only one with so many bottlenecks that forced you into the same bridges or hanging wires over and over and over. It was also the first game to take a 15 hour game and turn it into a 50 hour game without enough additional actual gameplay. AC Brotherhood took me about 100 hours, and that was too much, but I can’t deny that I enjoyed those hundred hours a lot. But I still wish it was shorter, like the original.

I know it’s probably terrible to say this, but I can’t stand Shohreh Aghdashloo’s voice.

I played all three of the Ezio trilogy and none took me remotely this long. I don’t think I put 100 hours into them all together. But I’m most definitely not a completionist and tend to stick pretty close to the main questline with minimal side-content distractions (except the parkour challenges. I always enjoyed those.)

I don’t mind it myself, but I shudder to think of all the cigarettes she must have smoked over the years to get that immediately-identifiable unique voice.

I think Brotherhood may have been the first Ubisoft game with Ubisoft towers, and in a sense the first fully formed Ubigame.

This looks good, but I am barely half way through Valhalla, dumb 200 hour long games. :(

This is the first AC I have zero interest in.

I think…I think I may be all Ubisofted out? After games like Cyberpunk and BG3, I need MORE than just well-done pretty worlds.