Assassin's Creed Mirage - Basim's prequel to Valhalla

I came back to that game recently and I know exactly what you’re talking about.

They’ve added huge empty spaces, more open than in AC1, and sometimes you can quickly find a horse, but usually you don’t, and you can’t summon one. And empty spaces are empty, you just run - even in huge modern AC games the terrain is varied all the time, you can stuff like animals to hunt on the way. In AC1 you always got a horse when you walked out of a town and the wilderness was much more varied. By the way, people who say that the game weren’t open world before RPG system should refresh their memories - they totally tried that but we’re very bad at it.

Who says that?

Don’t interfere with my plan to gather support by fearmongering against the imagined enemy!

But anyway, I often see a sentiment that Origins and later games are not true at all for a number of reasons, and most of these arguments can be applied to earlier games in the franchise. In a way, true open world is the one big real difference between Origins and previous games (the other might be loot threadmill), but it’s more about the way the world is structured instead of it being there, and when I look at early games I get a feeling that AC devs always wanted to have something like Origins but didn’t have the resources and technology to do that at the same time as the high-end graphics the series is known for.

Huh. For me, by far the biggest difference between post-Origins and pre-Origins is just the combat system (and the introduction of various other systems that feed into that). I don’t really discern a distinction in the open-worldiness at all.

I keep leaving one partly finished AC game to play the newest one. I only started playing Valhalla a few months ago and it hooked me, but I stopped to play D4, then Starfield, and started a new Cyberpunk game this week.

I put a lot of hours into Valhalla, but I’m probably not even halfway through. I think this time I will go back and finish that one, and maybe one of the older ones before picking up this latest.

Too many games, too many LOOOOONG games. My tombstone will read, "Relayer71: too many games, not enough ti- ".

I hadn’t seen the trailer until just now. It looks bad. I think someone may have mentioned it upthread, but the face models look lackluster, dated. That trailer looks far less interesting than the ones for the last few games. It just looks like more of the same, in a similar setting to that which we’ve already seen.

Wish they’d gone with early Edo period Japan or pre-Columbus Mesoamerica or something vastly different to what we’ve seen.

And that song was pretty lame.

Oh Japan or China would be totally awesome. And ya this looks very dated for a new game. I still think it will be fun, but I’m a sucker for these types of games.

Those of you clamoring for an Assassins Creed set in Japan are aware that Ubisoft is working on AC Red, right?

Obviously not. Wooo. I’ve found that not researching upcoming games makes things more enjoyable. I don’t overhype things and I don’t get too excited. Except for WRC I’ve watched every detail on that game. ;)

Yeah, I’ve got BG3 and CP2077 on my plate already. And then Lamplighters League shows up next week, and I’m hoping reviews will be good for that. And then Alan Wake II late in October. Haven’t even touched Starfield yet.

Sorry AC.

My AC dream settings of 1893 Chicago World’s Fair or 1932 New York City alas remain unrealized.

You can’t set an AC game in east Asia or South America or Australia! What are you thinking? (Unless it’s a 2D side scroller, then it’s ok.) The only history really worth exploring is European history. The Mediterranean region and North America are sort of ok, but only because Europeans went there.

I’d be in day one for either of those. I tried to go back and place AC3 Remastered and it looked way worse that I remembered. I almost think my game was broken how bad it looked. I’m a huge fan of the time period in that one. Which is why I’ve gone on vacation in Williamsburg like 900 times.

The hundreds of hours spent in last AC games kind of burned me out of playing another AC game. I managed to actually finish most? of Odyssey. I think there’s a full 100% completed “secret” ending i never found, but I did the expansions and they were cool. I burned out before finishing Valhalla though. I still sometimes jump into Odyssey and putter around for a half hour. The larger the distance from it the more clearly it’s just a big parkour obstacle course.

However I’ll be happy to jump into Mirage if they make a tourist / museum mode later.

I’d love those settings, but the issue at least for Japan would be: can they outdo Ghosts of Tsushima? I guess whatever era AC “Red” is set in is going to be different from the Sony game.

And also, one thing I love about AC games is the heights and climbing, which doesn’t always lend itself well to ancient settings. I’m horribly afraid of heights, so the climbing caters to that perfectly. One of the single most memorable AC moments I’ve had in the entire series is the modern-day setting in AC3 when you have to climb around the skyscraper. I can feel my stomach up in my mouth every time. (That’s a good/fun thing.)

I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of Ghost of Tsushima, looks like it’s a Playstation exclusive? Kind of cool looking though.

Rumors abound that it may find its way to PC at some point, like God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn did. Might show up when the sequel is announced for GoT2 perhaps?

Forgot about that one! That’s the one I’m looking forward to.

Those more modern settings would be cool. Syndicate is one of my favorite ACs due to the setting (and that incredible soundtrack, unlike any game I’ve played though as I type this I’m now kind of reminded of Arcanum’s soundtrack).

Ghost is fantastic. I really need to go back and finish it. It’s utilizes all the features of the PS5 controller and just oozes style. Hell you have collections that are just cosmetic things and it’s exciting because your dude looks so cool. Which kind of makes me wonder why I would want an AC game when it’s already been done so well. :)