Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out

Guess all the rumors were right.

So, back to annual AC releases?

Fingers crossed. Hopefully they can refine the best bits of Origins – and do less of the bad stuff – and make it work.


Five bucks says the next game has us playing Brutus, carrying out the assassination of Julius Caesar.

One thing that I’m gonna need help with is the timeline.

“Origins” is set in Ptolemaic Egypt, so roughly some time between 300 BC and 30 AD. That’s the Origins of the assassins, right?

So, uh, where does Greece fit in here? The Trojan War (which Ulysses was returning home from when the events of The Odyssey took place) happened in the 12th or 13th century BC, iirc. So, is this like, super secret Origins?

You’re just baiting me, aren’t you? Well here ya go, Mr. Stabby!


Let me put the rumored info here. It will be fun to compare once we know more.

  • Set in Greece.
  • The player creates his or her own character
  • Bayek and Aya do not have significant parts
  • More RPG stuff like dialog choices
  • More sea battles. In fact, the focus is like Rogue.
  • Multiplayer still not back, but social bits like the revenge system in Origins is in.

My Harry Hamlin Gif wasn’t just chrome. They are gonna go mythical, or legendary here. Five, no Ten bucks.

You would lose that bet.

Why, have they already planned out the next game? Or I guess I should say, have they already announced it too?

Man, you mentioned the White City as a setting, and now I dearly want that. That, or he Russian Revolution, are settings I would dearly love to see.

Me want. Me also want say 1960s period piece. It would have to Jet Set settings. White City would be great as well. So would 19th Century San Francisco.

I can PM you if you want to be spoiled.

PM me.

Oh yes please.

I mean, clearly the name “Odyssey” is supposed to indicate that this game is going to have us playing an Assassin in the world of Super Mario Odyssey.

Here’s the E3 infodump:

Pretty much everything that was leaked is true.

So a bit more modern story, which I am ok with, if its good. ;)

So I finally watched the presentation and realized when it was over that I feel … nothing. I think I’m just over Assassin’s Creed at this point. Fare thee well, true believers!