Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out


Honestly, pretty stunning level of post-release support for Odyssey. Obviously likely related to 2019 not having an AC game, but still.


The new content is pretty solid as well. Just finished the first installment of the season pass story and it offers a nice mix of questing, mercenary battles, and secret society hunting. It condenses the activities of the main game, much like Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine. If you didn’t like the main game, the expansion wouldn’t do much to change your mind.

If they ever patched in a working economy - especially through naval trade, and offered a home base where I could dump off my extra lieutenants, I would be playing this forever.


Give me an improvable home base, like Geralt’s winery, and I would have difficulty playing any other game for a while.


Yep. That would clinch it.


Really loving this. the voice actor and animation (hands, gesturing, face, eyes, lips, emoting) for Kassandra are wonderful. I never liked previous AC games and got into this one as a Witcher/Mass Effect/Skyrim RPG-lite successor.

The VA is really impressive, as good as FemShep and the Ubisoft animations for dialog and overall stagecraft for setting the scenes are way better than Bioware’s in MEA, Dragon Age Inquisition etc.


Finished at 71 hours and 93% completion. What a trip. This was great and appears to have suffered in buzz due to coming out before RDR2.


I’m just not enjoying the game due to how poorly it runs on my PC. I’m giving up about an hour in. I guess I should have looked into it closer but my GTX 960 4Gb runs games with better graphics well, but this game doesn’t run acceptably even on low settings. Also load times are insane… waiting 2-3 minutes of loading for a short 1-2 minute game setpiece.

I looked into it and it turns out the game is very CPU bound which is my issue (older i3) more than my 960. So I’ll save it for my next PC which will be this year.


It is very CPU bound, I think you need at least 6 cores/threads for a start.

I have an i5-4790k at 4Ghz with a RTX 2080 and I play on ultra, I get the same frame rate at 1080p or 1440p. CPU is at 100% usage at all times.


Narrator: “It didn’t suffer at all and sold very, very well and continues to do so, by all indications.”

Odyssey was a massive hit for Ubi, in both sales and critical response and buzz. The 3 weeks between it’s release and RDR2 was enough of a window for it, and it being available on PC was another point in its favor.


I think the problem is/was it really didn’t get a lot in the way of buzz for GOTY because of RDR2, as it just dwarfed everything else - especially games that had come out recently.


Having played 150 hours of RDR2 and so far 90 hours of Odyssey (still playing) the gulf in quality between the two is so huge that Odyssey does not belong into that conversation whatsoever anyway


Eh. That depends, I think, on what you value. Total open world freedom and playing as a superhero? You ain’t getting that in RDR2.


Or if you value both styles of open world-ishness and want to play both, it’s nice to have two different flavors of yummy ice cream.


Or one flavour of ice cream wasn’t released on your platform…


I’m 20 hours in on Odyysey, loving it. Plays great on medium high on a quad core i7 - 4710, 16 gig ram and GTX970M. Av FP’s is 40’s, very little if any slow down, nice steady performance.

Inital load time is slow but after that no issues, preformance is good and the game looks great.

I much prefer this to RDR2, the control scheme is oh so much better, RDR2 is great but this has it’s hooks in to much more.


It’s not often I disagree so totally with someone but this is it. They are different but there is no massive gulf. Ones a western and one is ancient Greece that’s a difference but both are great and saying there is such a gulf is doing a big disservice to Odyysey imo.

Personally I think the Rockstar hype does encourage rose tinted glasses many a times, not saying it’s not good but…


Yeah, I will return to RDR2 and play it through and love it completely…but there’s something blessedly simple about the controls in Odyssey that make it a little lower mental barrier to entry for me when I’ve got a lot of real world work packed up.


Exactly. I said it before about RDR vs RDR2, but I think a similar argument could be made for AC:Odyssey - RDR2 has the better world. But I think RDR - and possibly AC:Odyssey - are better games.


I can see that, definitely.

For me, though, there’s like different parts of my gamerbrain. Sometimes I want all the crazy-ass details a game will give me, and seconds of that. Load me up!

And sometimes…I don’t.

RDR2 is when I want to get really lasered in on a game.

Odyssey is when I want to enjoy a glass of wine and kill some people who need killin’. :D


Exactly (again). That’s why I think RDR and AC:O are better games, if not better worlds. Which is not to take away from what RDR2 is. But that’s why I’m disappointed AC:O2 didn’t get more recognition for GOTY. Because it’s game of the year, not simulation or world of the year. Not even saying it should have won. Just more recognition, because I think it’s the best AC game of them all.