Assassin's Creed Odyssey - It's time to Greek out


Oooh, cheevos!

Do you have to be under a certain age to really care about those? ;-)


In my penultimate entry in the series on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, I visit Athens and write about what the developers got right/wrong with respect to the real deal.


This was great!


I will read that. My thought was it was just too grand for Athens… to high … to many statues. I actually liked the quests there. But if there was an ancient city like that … I mean I will look at your article josh. And btw ty.


+1. Great stuff. Thanks for the heads up.


Yes spot on-- just read it. I actually liked my time in Athens as K… she actually had to “dress up” at one point and as a jeans and t-shirt girl I understood the look (and a suit lady everywhere else) on her face … They did a good job with some of the Athens quests.

And they tried hard to give us some “emerging democracy” stuff –

Josh I wonder if one more book you should add is a general thought about what happens?

I don’t think it is a secret or a spoiler regarding that particular war. And the lesson? It seems almost the typical lesson in Greek History --overweening pride (Athens) is the downfall. I think that is Hubris?


You mean a general book about the Peloponnesian War? I’ll include some suggestions for general reference works in the final instalment.

Oh yeah, the outcome of the war is that Sparta wins, Athens loses. You might attribute that to hubris, though the situation was fairly complex. The Sicilian Expedition that Athens embarked on was a catastrophic mistake that – if one can jump to conclusions – ultimately led to them losing the war. But in reality the war left both sides depleted, allowing for Thebes to fill the void temporarily (and beat the Spartans rather decisively) before the “sleeping giant” Macedon awoke and essentially took control of Greece. And then Alexander appeared on the scene and, well, we all know what happened next.

BTW, if you’re interested in Sparta and the myth of it being a military powerhouse, you should check out this recent article on AWM by Roel Konijnendijk. There’s also a video embedded at the end that summarizes most of what’s in the text.


Here’s my final article about Odyssey. Nothing earth-shattering; I’ll write more about the Peloponnesian War and related subjects in future articles. If some of those are particularly relevant to the game, I’ll put a link here if that’s okay.


Oh thanks Josh! I’ve got to go back and finish – it’s a very long game. Even my Kassandra sighed at a new quest chain and I thought it was pretty funny.


I’m just starting, picked Cassandra, exploration mode, hard difficulty. Any settings I need to change to get the most out of the game?


Nope. There are baddies out there who need killin’. Go give 'em whatfor.


The beauty of the latest AC games alone can carry me for a little while. I wish I could parry in Dark Souls as easily as in AC. I barely try in DS because I can rarely succeed.

That first quest felt better than many games just because the girl told me, hey you need to go to the southern side of that mountain over there instead of saying - follow this icon.


Be careful of the animals… I was crushed by a heroic deer. A LOT.


You are gonna wanna lower the difficulty, because hard makes enemies into total swordsponges and they are boring as hell to fight. Also customize HUD to your liking, I usually disable most stuff. And put volumetric clouds on medium, anything higher eats lot of performance without much benefit.


I disagree, hard is the perfect difficulty for this game. Makes the fighting slightly more challenging.


I guess for now I’ll try leaving it on hard but won’t be afraid to lower it to normal if battles start dragging on. At the beginning the first few fights were very easy - but I guess that is to be expected.

Good to know. I think my frame rate isn’t quite as high or stable as it could be. I have a 970 GTX.


What cpu?


intel i7 6700K 4GHz


I’m always torn how I should play these. I was passing a lake and thought - something has got to be down there. I scouted with my eagle and sure enough, there was a bunch of treasure. It felt kinda cheap to find it that way. I wonder if I’d like it more if I just jumped in and took a look. Super eagle vision always feels a bit cheesy. It doesn’t feel quite as bad using it to scout out some enemies, but even that feels like too much of a crutch.

Do you guys like to use the eagle?


Yep all the time, I do main quest and when I fancy a change I pick something that looks interesting and off I go, be it a quest or a location or somewhere I fancy exploring more